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The 5 Best Microsoft Office Password Recovery Tools That Actually Work

Gavin Phillips 16-03-2018

Protecting your zombie romance whodunnit novel draft with a super strong password was a great idea. That is until you cannot remember the password to unlock the Microsoft Office document. And now there is no way in.


Luckily, several really useful programs remove Microsoft Office password protection. Here are five of the best.

Microsoft Office and Password Protection

Before we begin, let’s get one thing straight. You should only use these tools to remove passwords from your own documents. When you use one of these tools on any other documents, there is a chance you’re committing a crime. We want nothing to do with that.

It is also useful to understand just what the password recovery program is doing. Microsoft Office password recovery 10 Little-Known Microsoft Office Features You Should Know Sometimes the littlest of things make the biggest of differences. We uncover overlooked Microsoft Office features and show you how they could improve your workflow. Read More programs fall into two categories: tools that remove and tools that recover. Both are useful but serve slightly different purposes. Furthermore, understand what the password does.

Microsoft Office from 2007 onwards uses 128-bit AES encryption How Does Encryption Work, and Is It Really Safe? Read More . Cracking a 128-bit AES key is an extremely time-consuming process. With a sufficiently strong password, the file will remain secure, even using known AES-128 breaks.

Finally, we consider password strength in relation to the Microsoft Office version How to Password Protect & Encrypt Your Microsoft Office Files Would you mind if someone peeked through your OneNote notebooks or had access to your Word documents? If your answer is yes, let us show you how to protect your Office files. Read More :

  • Microsoft Office 95: Weak encryption converts the password to a 16-bit key; instant decryption available
  • Office 97 and 2000: Encryption key length raises to 40-bits; instant decryption available
  • Office XP and 2003: Key length remains at 40-bits, but Microsoft adds a custom encryption algorithm protection option; fast decryption available depending on the custom algorithm
  • Office 2007: AES is available, with the addition of the SHA-1 hashing function; password recovery is difficult
  • Office 2013: Still uses AES-128, but hash algorithm updates to SHA-2 class, using SHA-512 as default; password recovery is extremely difficult

We see that using even an extremely long password while using Microsoft Office 95 has minimal effect as the encryption algorithm is vulnerable. Conversely, Office 2013 offers more protection to files with weaker passwords due to stronger encryption and hashing algorithms Every Secure Website Does This With Your Password Have you ever wondered how websites keep your password safe from data breaches? Read More .

The 5 Best Microsoft Office Password Recovery Tools

If you have a file from an old Microsoft Office version, there is an extremely good chance of removing or extracting the password. Unfortunately, those seeking to crack passwords on newer Microsoft Office versions are almost certainly out of luck.

1. Free Word and Excel Password Recovery Wizard

the best microsoft office password recovery tools

Supports: Microsoft Word and Excel 95-2003


The Free Word and Excel Password Recovery Wizard is one of the first options to consider. The program attempts to unlock files using either a dictionary or brute force attack (as do most of the other tools on this list). Attempting to put a modern Microsoft Office file results in an error.

There are options to configure both attack types. The dictionary attack uses different case sizes with the option of a custom word list, while the brute force attack uses variable password length as well as the option of a custom character set.

2. Word Password Recovery Master

the best microsoft office password recovery tools

Supports: Microsoft Word and Excel 95, 97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, claims also to support 2010, 2013


The Word Password Recovery Master is another useful free option to consider for password removal and recovery. It supports a wide range of Microsoft Office versions, making it useful in solving a wide number of issues.

The claims of support, however, aren’t completely truthful. During my tests, the program couldn’t recover or remove basic passwords created using Office 2010, so I have further doubts about its ability to remove encryption on later versions.

However, Microsoft Office 2003 passwords were easy to remove. The program also notes that it does not support custom encryption types, only default Microsoft Office encryption.

3. Elcomsoft Advanced Office Password Recovery

the best microsoft office password recovery tools


Supports: All Microsoft Office versions

Elcomsoft’s Advanced Office Password Recovery (AOPR) is our first professional tool. As such, it comes with a price tag. In this case, you get what you pay for.

At $49, the Home Edition is the cheapest option. However, it doesn’t allow GPU use for cracking or removing passwords and relies solely on CPU power (and the Home Edition is limited to a single CPU, too).

GPUs are more efficient password crackers so if you’re serious about removing that password; I would suggest upgrading to the $99 Standard Edition.

Aside from price, AOPR has a wide range of features, allowing for custom dictionaries, custom character sets, and variable password lengths, as well as running short pre-brute force dictionary attacks just in case. Also, if you know anything about the password you can “mask” information to streamline the process.

AOPR is guaranteed to work on older Microsoft Office versions. The program also successfully unlocked several test documents I ran, though the passwords weren’t particularly difficult. Given enough time, AOPR seems like a great choice (albeit costly if you are only unlocking one file).

4. CrackIt!

the best microsoft office password recovery tools

Supports: Microsoft Word and Excel 97, 2000, 2003

CrackIt! is a slightly older password cracker, developed originally for Windows 95. However, it still works with Windows 10 and better still, requires no installation, running as a simple executable. It is basic, only offering a brute force attack, with limited dictionaries too. But it will work for those basic passwords, on older Microsoft Word and Excel files.

5. SmartKey Office Password Recovery

the best microsoft office password recovery tools

Supports: All Microsoft Office versions

SmartKey’s Office Password Recovery program is another worthwhile paid-for tool if you’re in a password protection pickle. Like Elcomsoft’s AOPR, if given enough time this program will crack an AES-128 key (so long as the key isn’t that difficult). Furthermore, the user interface is one of the nicest amongst the password cracking tools and is certainly one of the easiest to use.

The Standard version will set you back $24.95 but doesn’t allow GPU acceleration. With that in mind, I’d pay the $34.95 for the Professional version that allows up to 32 CPUs and eight GPUs.

These Password Recovery Tools Aren’t Flawless

Sure, there are more Microsoft Office document password cracking programs out there. The majority offer the same functionality as the above programs; other paid options cost more but offer the same range of features.

You must understand that you will not crack every password, especially those using the latest Microsoft Office encryption, especially in combination with a sufficiently strong password. Throw in a multi-word passphrase Why Passphrases Are Still Better than Passwords & Fingerprints Remember when passwords didn't have to be complicated? When PINs were easy to remember? Those days are gone, and cybercrime risks mean fingerprint scanners are next to useless. It's time to start using passcodes... Read More and you’re looking at thousands of hours to decrypt a single file, if it is even possible (hint: it isn’t).

Image Credit: Amaviael/Depositphotos

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  2. Janis
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    The Word Password Recovery Master is another useful free option.Thats not free.Stop people giving wrong information.Liers!Nothing is free even cheese for mice....

  3. Mav
    June 26, 2018 at 4:10 pm

    I'm sorry, but that SmartKey Office Password Recovery is total crap. I am looking for a serious contender to discover the password to a Word 2013 file, to which I think I know most of the characters - however, I thought I would do a test first before forking out on the paid version.. Glad I did!

    I created a 4 character password using one upper case, 2 lower case letters and a symbol - which is the 4 character limit in the trail version.

    I even helped it along by putting in the first 2 characters into a custom mask and selecting a couple of special characters from the symbol selection (only one of which was used) to help - and it could not even crack that! Absolutely useless after 5 attempts! So there would be absolutely no hope of getting the password for the real job even when I know most of it! Will I be buying it - NO, don't waste your money.

  4. Frankie Smith
    March 18, 2018 at 1:41 pm

    I just had a pop-up from AVG informing me that websites can track my location and then proving it by telling me where I live! Instead of clicking on 'Fix this', I immediately uninstalled AVG. That 'fixed' it.