Ultimate Microsoft Office Mastery: 90+ Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials for You

Joel Lee 25-03-2020

Use Microsoft Office every day? Check out our tips, tricks, and tutorials that’ll turn you into an efficiency machine with both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

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    Microsoft Office is powerful; there’s a reason why nearly every serious business in the world relies on it for office productivity. Yes, Microsoft Office can be daunting to learn, what with all of its crazy menus and features—but it doesn’t have to be difficult at all.

    If you use either Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel on a regular basis and want to become a more fluent user, we have all kinds of tips, tricks, and tutorials that’ll help you effortlessly learn the ins and outs of each program. You’ll be a master in no time!

    Getting Started With Microsoft Office

    Ultimate Microsoft Office Mastery: 90+ Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials for You 10 The Complete Microsoft Office Certification Bundle

    If you’re a new user, or if you don’t even have Microsoft Office yet, you may want to check out our articles on how to acquire a copy of Microsoft Office for free—without breaking the law. Did you know you can even use Microsoft Office on Linux computers?

    Once Microsoft Office is installed, you may also want to make a few tweaks and install a few add-ins that’ll ease your overall experience:

    Mastering Microsoft Word


    Beginner Tips for Microsoft Word

    The first step to getting comfortable with Microsoft Word is making sure it’s set up properly. With a few tweaks to the settings, and some familiarity with basic features, you’ll feel much more at home when using the software:

    And then once you’re comfortable with Microsoft Word, that’s when you’ll want to check out our various tutorials on how to do things with it, which will give you a quick boost to productivity:

    Advanced Tips for Microsoft Word

    After acquainting yourself with the basics of Microsoft Word, that’s when you’ll be ready to try full-fledged projects that are more than just simple essays and typed reports. Here are some of the cooler things you can do with Microsoft Word:

    Useful Templates for Microsoft Word

    Don’t have time to make new documents from scratch? You aren’t alone. That’s why you should check out our roundups of the best Microsoft Word templates for all kinds of needs and use-cases:

    Mastering Microsoft Excel

    Ultimate Microsoft Office Mastery: 90+ Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials for You 1 Microsoft Excel Specialist Certification Bundle

    For many, Excel is the much tougher software compared to Word. Numbers and formulas will do that to you. That’s why before you dive into our Excel tips and tricks, we recommend starting with these introductory articles:

    Beginner Tips for Microsoft Excel

    The first and most important skill to learn in Microsoft Excel is understanding worksheets and tabs. Check out our beginner articles that teach you how to set up, edit, recover, and compare Excel worksheets with ease:

    And then learn the other essential skills that’ll give you a leg up when it comes to creating and modifying Excel spreadsheets. There’s a lot of cool stuff you can do, and most of it’s quite easy once you know how to do them:

    Advanced Tips for Microsoft Excel

    Microsoft Excel is a powerhouse application, and with a bit of know-how, you can effortlessly pull off some crazy cool tasks. Here are some of the more advanced techniques you can use to manage your Excel worksheets:

    And there are plenty of more advanced tricks you can use to automate much of the process when dealing with complex Excel spreadsheets, and these automations will save a ton of time over the long run:

    Useful Templates for Microsoft Excel

    Who has the time to build new Excel spreadsheets from scratch? Whether for personal or business use, you should consider downloading one of the many free templates available on the web and customizing it to your specific needs:

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    1. Francis
      May 16, 2020 at 7:23 am

      Yeah, Skype meetings are good and thank you for the tips. But recently, I have discovered and have started using another very good online meeting tool called as on premise R-HUB web video conferencing servers for conducting my business meetings. I prefer it because of its security as it works from behind the firewall, and not outside of it.

    2. OrangeStoryy
      May 2, 2020 at 2:51 pm

      But, whenever anyone buys a Windows-powered PC/Laptop, he/she gets MS Office pre-downloaded with it for free. It includes all the software like Access, Word, Excel, PPT, etc. Then, what is this Office 365/Microsoft 365? And how is it different from the Office? Why people pay for that when they already get those softwares pre-downloaded?
      Please, answer all my questions.

      • Brian Boru
        June 27, 2020 at 7:03 am

        The free stuff is either time-limited trials, or the free web apps which have less functionality.