Microsoft Mixer Create App Arrives to Rival Amazon Twitch
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Game streaming is massive. So, it is no surprise that Microsoft is bolstering its efforts to take on Amazon Twitch and YouTube Gaming. The recently rebranded Mixer streaming service is launching official iOS and Android apps so players can stream their mobile gaming exploits — Mixer Create.

Mixer Create

The new app hit the market on the eve of the annual PAX West gaming convention, held in Seattle. The Android application allows users to stream any game. However, iOS users will find certain restrictions. Mixer Create will only work with games that have iOS ReplayKit functionality.

Microsoft Mixer Create App Arrives to Rival Amazon Twitch mixer three screens

So now you can live stream your Hearthstone (Android) pack-opening session, your pandemic incubation skills in Plague, Inc (Android), and your favorite temporal anomalies in Star Trek Timelines (iOS).

Alternatively, there is a camera-only mode for users wishing to live vlog their surroundings. This feature might see some use at the PAX West event, allowing would-be broadcasters and popular streamers alike to create impromptu streams, similarly to Facebook Live.

Mixer Create has some cool features, too. One such feature is Co-Streaming, where you’ll be able to team up with up to three other streamers into a single viewing experience. Better still, this feature is completely cross-platform, allowing mobile, PC, and Xbox One users to stream simultaneously.

The app will also feature social functions, like a mobile chat companion, to keep your viewers updated while you’re on the move.

Taking on Twitch

Microsoft is adamant it can battle Twitch and YouTube Gaming for a share of the live game streaming market. But even with a great — but not necessarily innovative — new mobile app, it is still going to be extremely difficult to coax established streamers and their loyal audiences to a new service.

Microsoft Mixer Create App Arrives to Rival Amazon Twitch mixer create logo

And, while Mixer is increasing in popularity, it still has a smaller audience than Amazon Twitch and YouTube Gaming. A streamer won’t build the biggest audience in the world, but a solid following is achievable. That said, Microsoft reports Windows 10 is active on over 500 million devices, with Xbox Live featuring over 50 million active subscriptions. The potential for growth is huge, even if Mixer grabs just a slither of those numbers.

Mixer predominantly appeals to those already using Windows 10 and Xbox One, as it is integrated with those services, meaning there is no need for third-party software. Otherwise, there are options to stream to Mixer through Open Broadcaster Software or XSplit.

Microsoft Mixer Create App Arrives to Rival Amazon Twitch mixer OBS

It appears Mixer, with Mixer Create, is heading in the right direction — it might be time to get onboard. You can try the Android app or iOS app for free.

Have you used Mixer Create? What did you stream? How does it compare to Twitch or YouTube Gaming? Would you suggest it to others, or is it too soon? Let us know your thoughts on Mixer and game streaming in the comments below!

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