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Microsoft Invites You to Make Your Own Xbox One Game

Dave Parrack 11-08-2017

Microsoft is opening up the Xbox Live Creators Program to everyone. The Xbox Live Creators Program allows anyone (with the skills to pay the bills) to make a video game How to Make a Video Game in a Week Using Buildbox There is a program that makes game development incredibly easy for even those with absolutely no experience in designing video games. It's called Buildbox. Here's why you should try it. Read More and release it to the masses. You can even charge money for your creation if you want. If you think it’s good enough.


In March, Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Live Creators Program. Now, it’s open to everyone. For budding developers this means an opportunity to get a game published on the Xbox Store (and Windows 10). And for the rest of us it means a host of new games, many of which are free.

Designed for Amateur Game Developers

The Xbox Live Creators Program is a spinoff from the ID@Xbox program. While ID@Xbox is meant for professional developers able to deliver fully realized and infinitely playable games, the Xbox Live Creators Program is aimed at “small or budding studios, hobbyists, makers, teachers and students”.

You can make an Xbox One game using “a retail Xbox One console, the free Dev Mode Activation app from the Xbox Store, and game engines like Unity, Construct 2, MonoGame, and Xenko”. Then all you need to do is create a use a Microsoft Developer account, download the Xbox Live Creators SDK, and then ship your game via “a short and simplified certification process”.

Games published through the Xbox Live Creators Program have access to “the full set of social features from Xbox Live”, but are excluded from “Achievements, Gamerscore, or internet multiplayer”. If you want your game to use any of those you’ll need to use ID@Xbox program instead.

The first set of games published through the Xbox Live Creators Program is now live on the Xbox Store. They include a party game called Animal Rivals, a relaxing puzzle game called ERMO, and an action-rhythm game called Stereo Aereo. You can find them under “Creators collection”.


The Indie Revolution Is Happening Again

In many ways this is a return to the past How You Know You Spent Too Long Playing Arcade Games In The 1980s… The problem with arcade games -- as with any kind of video games, old or new -- was their addictive qualities that suck you in and refuse to let go until you (and your dwindling... Read More . The 1980s saw budding video game developers making games in their bedrooms for systems such as the Commodore 64 and the ZX Spectrum. And now, in 2017, the indie revolution is happening all over again. The only issue will be quality control, as for every gem that there will be a handful of stinkers. It’s on you to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Do you have any desire to make your own video games? If so, will you be making use of the new Xbox Live Creators Program? What sort of game do you see yourself making? Will you be charging money for your indie Xbox One game? Please let us know in the comments below!

Image Credit: Luke Hayfield via Flickr

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  1. Doc
    August 14, 2017 at 8:27 pm

    Sounds a lot like XNA. Which got killed just waiting for it to happen ***again***.