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Microsoft Adds Fake News Fact-Checking to Bing

Dave Parrack 18-09-2017

Microsoft is jumping on the fake news bandwagon, adding a “Fact Check” label to Bing. Facebook enacted a crackdown on fake news Facebook Offers Tips to Help You Spot Fake News While Facebook doesn't produce fake news, it's at least partly responsible for its dissemination. Which is why it's now offering tips to help you spot fake news before it spreads. Read More months ago, and Google soon followed suit Google Search Buries Bad News Google is making some serious changes to Search. The main aim is to bury the bad results from bogus sources, promoting accurate results from authoritative sources. Which sounds fantastic, if it's possible. Read More . And now, Microsoft is joining the party. And you’ll soon see the fruits of these labors in Bing search results.


It’s getting increasingly difficult to tell fact from fiction. And we have the internet to blame for this phenomenon. Sure, false news stories, conspiracy theories, and urban legends were born and spread before the advent of the internet, but it’s worse these days. Thanks, Tim Berners-Lee.

Fake News Is a Serious Business

Fake news isn’t a new phenomenon, but it is now much more prevalent than ever before. Fabricated news stories are being written, spread, and perpetuated to actually affect people’s opinions on specific countries, politicians, and celebrities. And the whole thing is becoming a serious business.

Having watched Facebook and Google both do their utmost to help people separate fact from fiction, Microsoft is adding a new UX element to Bing search results. The “Fact Check” label, as it’s called, will add fact-checking information to search results without the user ever having to leave Bing.

Essentially, Bing will add a note where applicable to news stories and web pages. These will instantly show users that a claim has been fact-checked by an organization such as Snopes or Politifact, and reveal what their assessment of it is. Whether it’s True, False, or somewhere in-between.

Bing Is Bigger Than You Think

I can already hear wags suggesting that the Fact Check label is meaningless as no one uses Bing. But that simply isn’t true. In fact, as Microsoft was keen to point out in August 2017, Bing is bigger than you think Microsoft Claims "Bing Is Bigger Than You Think" It seems no one openly admits to using Bing. And yet, according to market share statistics released by Microsoft, it turns out that plenty of people actually do use Bing. And not ironically. Read More . So, given Bing’s popularity, Microsoft’s efforts to fight fake news should be applauded.


What do you think of Microsoft’s efforts to fight fake news? Which fact-checking organizations do you trust? And which do you think have their own in-built biases? Do you think the whole fake news phenomenon is being overblown? Please let us know in the comments below!

Image Credit: Cat Branchman via Flickr

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  1. Ghost Rider
    September 19, 2017 at 1:17 pm

    Beware of the hidden agendas of the news and fact checkers, not to mention the major news outlets themselves.

  2. Howard A Pearce
    September 19, 2017 at 12:35 pm

    Our civil rights to freedom of the press/speech are also accompanies by our civil rights to freedom to read/listen.

    Attempts by media companies to SUPPRESS what it's users can read or listen to based upon news and information that thy consider fake is a dire warning to those who support the SPIRIT of these civil rights.
    Companies that engage in information suppression while caring out policies of what it calls "fake" news are perhaps committing fraud if they promise their users they support such concepts of our civil rights.

    If people want to read "fake" new or Russian "propaganda", then that is (should be) their right. I have little doubt that countries like Russia suppress "fake" news and "propaganda" also.
    Exept this is "made in the USA" type

  3. Gazoo
    September 18, 2017 at 10:59 pm

    I wouldn't mind "fake news" checkers if it wasn't so agenda and censorship-ridden. What's worse, if a site engaging in exaggerations that go against the established thinking is hit with a "fake news" label, these same people in power - the elite - seem to want to destroy their financial ability to express themselves.

    Isn't it enough that an article or more (out of hundreds) was labelled fake news? It isn't under the current climate. The entire site is attacked, the owners attacked, their ability to finance themselves stripped. Why... because of words. Words that can be refuted by other words.

    It's as if those in power woke up one day and noticed they no longer had Complete and Total Control of the conversation. That people were actually drawing their own conclusions and we are essentially too stoopid to think for ourselves.

    I applaud Microsoft in their attempt to provide accurate information (get rid of blogspam too). I will attack them with words... when those very tools are used to abuse their privilege. I just hope they simply label selected items (articles and NOT entire sites) and NOT outright censor anything. Otherwise, if they're playing fair, we wouldn't have ANY news sources at all. MS... try to be less evil than Google has been.