Microgiving: Crowdsourced Donations For Fundraisers
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The Internet has provided a whole new world of possibilities with peer-to-peer platforms that allow individuals to provide financial assistance to those in need. Microgiving is a crowd funding and philanthropy website that aims to expand this concept further with the concept of microdonations, where people can raise money online to fund a project, cause or entrepreneurial idea and give a percentage of what they receive to people who are in need. Microgiving allows anyone to create either donor or recipient accounts and facilitate charity projects online.

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With this tool, you can browse through profiles and projects where you can contribute for as little as $5. You can also create a recipient account and post a fundraiser request or a hardship request. Fundraiser requests are for those people who are trying to raise funds for a project, cause, or idea, for instance, artists, entrepreneurs, designers, charities, and the like. Hardship requests on the other hand are for people who are trying to overcome financial trials.

Microgiving is a one-of-a-kind philanthropy website that provides a more personal channel among donors and recipients, bringing them closer to each other and allowing them to cultivate touching relationships.


  • Donate to fund various causes, projects, ideas, and fundraisers.
  • Request financial assistance via microdonations from other people for projects, causes, and economic hardships.
  • Displays how much money has been raised as well as who have donated.
  • Share fundraisers to other people using Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, and StumbleUpon.
  • Communicate with the people involved by writing a comment on the fundraiser page.
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Check out Microgiving @ www.microgiving.com [No Longer Available]

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