MichaelBayifier: Give Your Image the Michael Bay Effect
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Michael Bay is one of the most popular directors for action-adventure movies. His portfolio includes classics like Bad Boys, Armageddon and Transformers. Filled with explosions and special effects, Michael Bay movies have a separate class. MichaelBayifier lets you give that class to any image.

SImply upload an image and the tool will let you give it a Michael Bay movie effect by adding objects like guns, bombs, sports cars, fighter jets and explosions. You can adjust the position of each object within the image, flip it vertically, horizontally or rotate it at any desired angle. You can also adjust the color of the picture to give it a nice effect.

Once done, you can download your image or share it with friends using a permanent URL.

the michael bay effect

the michael bay effect


  • Give your image the Michael Bay effect.
  • Add bombs, guns and explosions to your image.
  • Customize the objects and adjust color to get a nice effect.
  • Download final image or view/share online using a permanent URL.

Visit MichaelBayifier @ www.bayifier.com

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