ThisMessageWillSelfDestruct: Send Secure, One Time Messages

Justin Pot 17-03-2010

If you’ve ever seen Mission Impossible, the title of this one pretty much says it all: this message will self-destruct. This unipurpose site allows you to send a message to someone they can only ever view once. As soon as the message is viewed it is forever deleted, meaning neither you nor your contact can retrieve it.


one time message

This has a cool, secret agent-y feel to it, but you don’t need to be a super sleuth or a mobster to find uses here. It could be a great way to share confidential information with your family, without the risks insecure mediums such as email present. Built-in encryption means your data will probably be safe – though as with all such web services you’ll have to determine whether you trust the service itself to know if your data is truly secure. Use with caution.


  • Send encrypted, password-protected information to friends.
  • Creates a URL for accessing the information one-time-only.
  • Similar sites: KickNotes, SDmessage, PrivNote and BigString.

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  1. Bob Roseman
    March 22, 2010 at 4:21 pm

    Easily defeated by taking a screen snapshot of the message.