Meridian: Explore & Learn More About NYC Subway Art [iOS & Android]
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New York’s subway is home to some wonderful pieces of art with a rich history behind them. If you are interested in knowing more about them, simply get the smartphone app titled Meridian.

nyc subway art

Meridian is a free to use smartphone application with versions for iOS and Android devices; the versions require at least iOS 4.0 or Android 2.1. The app provides information on the places that you visit. One of the best features about this is that you can get to find out more about the artwork in New York’s subway and rail system. For each piece of artwork you get a picture and an informative description about it.


New York’s subway artwork is only part of what the app has to offer; it also provides information on Oregon Convention Center, San Diego’s Balboa Park, and more.


Check out Meridian @ [No Longer Available]

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