How to Merge Multiple Word Documents in Microsoft Office 2016

Dan Price 15-12-2016

Even though Microsoft Word now supports multi-person collaboration 3 Microsoft Office Online Teamwork & Collaboration Tools That Impress With Office 2016 and its free online counterpart, Office Online, Microsoft has rolled out new tools for teams to collaborate remotely and in real time. We show you what you can't miss. Read More on documents (either via the web app or an Office 365 subscription), there are still times when you’ll need to merge multiple Word documents together.


Of course, you could simply copy and paste the contents of one document into another, but it’s not the most practical way of achieving the desired result. Luckily, Word offers a few ways to merge several documents Use PDFSam To Easily Split, Merge, & Reorder PDF Pages PDFSam, short for “PDF Split and Merge,” is a great utility for quick PDF editing. You can combine multiple PDF documents into a single PDF document, split a PDF into multiple files, extract pages from... Read More together.

In this article, I’m going to explain four methods:

  1. Merging two versions of the same document.
  2. Merging multiple versions of the same document.
  3. Merging comments, formatting, and more.
  4. Merging the text of multiple different documents.

Merging Two Versions of the Same Document

If you’ve got two slightly differing versions of the same document, it can be tedious — if not impossible — to find the small variances.

Word provides a way to compare the differences between the two and then merge them both into one single file.

To Compare the Two Versions

Before you make the merge, it’s prudent to study the differences between the two files. You might decide you don’t want to combine them after all. I’ll walk you through the process using two versions of a BBC News report about a Mars probe.


Here’s the original:

microsoft word compare docs original

And here’s my slightly altered version:

microsoft word compare docs revised


To begin, open the original document and head to Review > Compare > Compare. If the Compare Documents option is unavailable, your document is probably protected. To unprotect it, go to File > Info > Protect Document and remove any restrictions.

microsoft word compare docs compare

In the new window, populate the Original Document box with one file, and the Revised Document box with another. You can also add a custom label to the changes.

microsoft word compare docs


Word will automatically open a new document. Revisions are shown in a column on the left (1), the compared documents are shown in the center panel (2), and the two originals are displayed in the right-hand column (3). You can hide the source documents by following Compare > Show Source Documents > Hide Source Document.

microsoft word compare docs all versions

To Merge the Two Versions

Now you’ve got all the differences neatly displayed in one single file, but it’s still a mess. How do you determine which changes you want to keep and which you want to discard?

You have two options. You can manually go through the document and edit each change to your liking (remember, added text is underlined, removed text is shown with strikethrough). Editing the document like this is fine for shorter documents, but you’re still prone to miss things if you’re working on a long document such as a book.


microsoft word compare docs accept changes

A more efficient method is to use the revisions list in the left-hand column. You can either right-click on each change and select Accept or Reject, or you can place your cursor on the text under each listed revision and amend accordingly. Word will automatically update the text 5 Things Microsoft Word Can Update Automatically for You Microsoft Word can help you be more efficient. It can automate many time consuming processes, ensuring you spend less time messing around and more time writing. Take a few minutes now to save hours later. Read More in the main document as you work.

In the image below, you can see I’ve worked through all the changes. The number of revisions now shows zero, and I have a document in which I either accepted or rejected all my changes. Save the final document in the normal way.

microsoft word compare docs final

Merging Multiple Versions of the Same Document

Comparing two and merging two versions of one document is easy. But what about if you have multiple versions of the same file, perhaps because you sent it out to several people for their input?

Once again, open the original document and head to Review > Compare. This time, you need to select Combine instead.

Put the first document you want to merge into the Revised Document field and give the changes a label. Click OK.

Once you have the combined document, go to Review > Compare > Combine again. Put the freshly-combined file in the Original Version field and add the next document to Revised Version. Keep repeating the process for each copy of the file, making sure you give each revised document a unique label.

microsoft word compare multiple docs

When you’re finished, you’ll end up with a combined document that shows each person’s changes in a different color. As before, right-click on each change and select Accept or Reject to create your final copy.

Merging Comments, Formatting, and More

Merging documents can extend beyond simple alterations to the text. You might want to merge and retain comments, formatting, headers, footers, and a whole lot more.

Word makes the process painless. The methodology for comparing and/or combining the document is the same, but when you’ve navigated to Review > Compare > Compare, click the More >> button.

microsoft word compare docs advanced

You’ll be presented with an extensive list of options. When you’ve selected your preferences, click OK. You can proceed with accepting or rejecting changes in the same way as before.

Merging the Text of Multiple Different Documents

The last part of this tutorial will look at how to merge the text from completely different documents.

As mentioned at the start, you can copy and paste the text, but it’s not always practical, especially on long documents. A better method is to use Word’s built-in tools 7 Underused Microsoft Word Features and How to Use Them Are you overlooking some of Microsoft Word's most useful features? This application features a surprising number of underused tools and options. We have unearthed seven and will show you how to use them. Read More .

I’m going to merge the BBC article about the Mars probe with’s version of the same story.

Open the first document. This is the file you will add all future files to. Go to Insert > Object > Text from File and find the document you want to merge.

microsoft word merge text

The text will be inserted wherever your cursor is, so make sure it’s in the desired location before proceeding. Word will retain all the formatting of the original document How to Customize Microsoft Word Layout Settings Microsoft Office comes with many useful templates, styles, and themes. We'll show you all the settings you need to create your own custom layout in Word 2013 and Word 2016. Read More . In the example below, I’ve put’s story in a different color and font to illustrate the point.

microsoft word merged final

Repeat the process for each document you want to add and save it when you’re finished.

Any Problems?

I’ve given you a step-by-step guide that covers the four most common ways of merging documents and I hope it’s made your Microsoft Office life easier 10 Hidden Features of Microsoft Word That'll Make Your Life Easier Microsoft Word wouldn't be the tool it is without its productive features. Here are several features that can help you every day. Read More .

However, I appreciate complications can arise. Have you stumbled into any difficulties? We’re always happy to assist.

Leave your problems and queries in the comments below and we’ll do our best to help you.

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  1. Nataie jenna
    July 9, 2019 at 9:25 pm

    I have followed your steps for merging multiple documents into one. However the result is that the merged document is now an image file and cannot be edited. Is there a way round this? I have 200 documents to merge into one document and then want to edit it.

  2. Pat Hughes
    December 12, 2018 at 7:08 pm

    I followed the instructions to compare 2 documents. On the picture you provide the words that are added are in blue and words that are deleted are in blue and have strike-through line. It also looks like when you click on a revision in the revision list the place in the compared document is shown. But there are no different coloring for the changed words and no strike-though lines. If I click on a revision I have no idea where it is in the document. I have 469 revisions with 44 insertions, 73 deletions, 4 moves, 348 formatting revisions. I have no idea how to tell what was changed in the formatting so I can't tell if I should keep or not keep the changes.

  3. Herbert Teuxelsieder
    February 28, 2018 at 1:57 pm

    Cannot merge a large number of word documents into one document:
    When I merge multiple word 2016 documents into one file, only a small number of the files selected are merged. Example: “Insert”, “Object”, “Text from file”, then selecting the files I want to merge (400, displayed in inverse video), “Insert”, then only the first 20 word files are merged, although I have selected all 400 word files. Any advice? Many thanks and kind regards

  4. Heidi Vosbein
    February 26, 2018 at 5:06 pm

    I followed the instructions here for combining multiple files. Worked great for the first 4 documents that were added to the base document (52 pages worth). But when I added the next file, it came in corrupted. I tried to correct the problems, but that didn't work. So I removed the file and went back and checked the rest of the text. Some of the previously added material, that had been just fine, was also corrupted. I tried to fix it, but couldn't get the document back to what it had been before adding that last file. Several things were moved and could not be moved back because their position was 'locked', the page numbers were moved up on the page so that they were above the lower margin and could not be repositioned. Formatting was changed. This is also what happens if I add the files by hand - and the 'last file' can be one that was previously added with no problems. BTW, Using the back button did not help.

  5. Dario
    September 8, 2017 at 7:24 pm

    how-to merge a batch of word doc in one, let´s say 100 doc files to one ? Thank

  6. Megan
    August 31, 2017 at 5:54 pm

    How do I merge 3 different word documents into 1 document so they can be in sequential order, but still keep all of the tracking, comments and formatting? IE: Doc 1: Learn to type, Doc 2: Learn to read, Doc 3: Learn to edit. I need all those documents put into 1 document.

  7. Danny
    May 22, 2017 at 10:22 am

    i have a question.
    if i have to merge the same document with added text from each person (8-10 different persons). the basic point where each one starts is the same.
    i want to keep all there additions, is it possible?
    can i ask to add only new or changed text?