MelodyCatcher: Melody Search Engine
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MelodyCatcher is an ideal website for those moments when you have a music tune stuck in your head and not able recall its name. Basically, it’s a melody search engine which lets you search for tunes by playing them on a virtual piano keyboard.

melody search engine

Using the site is easy, just try to reproduce the melody by clicking on virtual piano keys. When you have something resembling the tune, hit on the “Search” button. MelodyCatcher searches the web and returns a list of what it thinks are similar tunes. You may listen to melodies online and download any tune you like.

melody search

If you are finding it hard to play the virtual piano the site lets you also use the regular text search instead. Or alternatively you may try few other websites mentioned in recent MakeUseOf about how to find a song by its lyrics Find a Song Title Just by Humming the Lyrics Find a Song Title Just by Humming the Lyrics It's one of the common tip of the tongue moments when you can hum a song but can't remember the name. Here are some solutions that take the help of voice recognition technology. Read More .


  • Search for melodies online.
  • Enter tunes using virtual piano.
  • Modify and correct melody by deleting notes or dragging them up/down.
  • Regular text lyrics search is also available.
  • Download any melody you like to your computer.
  • Free and no sign up.

Check out Melody Catcher @

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  1. Edward Woelke
    July 26, 2017 at 2:40 pm

    where's the search page?