Meet Imgur 2.0: Trending Topics, Free Pro Accounts and Lots More

Mihir Patkar 24-02-2015

Free image hosting site Imgur is one of the web’s best ways to quickly share images imgur Is A Fantastic Chrome Extension For Uploading And Sharing Photos imgur is a fantastic way to share photos for many reasons. It loads extremely fast, is easy to use, and does not have all the restrictions that some other photo sharing sites have. There is... Read More . Over the past few days, it has grown up from a simple image-sharing service to a community-oriented image destination with robust features. Meet Imgur 2.0.


Imgur Topics: Find Out What’s Hot

Imgur is one of the favourite services used by Redditors, so now Imgur is building a community of its own with the launch of Imgur Topics.


There are nine self-explanatory topics (most viral, user submitted, funny, awesome, aww, the more you know, storytime, current events, design & art, reaction), chosen based on testing and feedback from the community. Imgur reckons this keeps it simple to choose a topic when you are uploading an image or want to browse the site, but still comprehensive enough to cover all bases.

You can also further sort these topics based on popularity, newest or those rising fast. To calculate these, Imgur uses a Reddit-like upvoting mechanism. Some reckon upvote systems are damaging the Internet How Upvote Systems Have Damaged Online Communities Read More , but it seems to work well on Imgur.



There are some fantastic tools to speed up Imgur uploads Speed Up Your Imgur Uploads With These Apps & Browser Add-Ons Imgur is an awesome website for hosting your photos – we all know that. Its clean interface, awesome community, and integration with social networks make it one of the best places on the Internet to... Read More , but you’re going to want to use the new native publishing mechanism. The interface is simpler than ever, prompting you to choose one of the topics, add extra tags if you want, and a quick description — all of those available while your upload is in progress.

Get Imgur Pro for Free, Sign Up Now

While Imgur is one of our choice picks for common web tasks you can do without signing up 10 Common Web Tasks You Can Do Without Signing Up Security bugs like Heartbleed make it clear that your logins and passwords are not safe. But what if you could use the Web for common tasks without signing up for an account? Read More , they recently sweetened the deal for those who do want to sign up. Earlier, you could pay $24 per year for an Imgur Pro account to get several additional features. But now, you can get an Imgur Pro account absolutely free — just sign up!


Here’s what Imgur says you can do with an account:

  • Store an unlimited number of images in your account
  • Receive multiple thumbnail options on all uploads
  • Access complete image analytics and referrer data
  • Manage, edit or delete any uploaded image at any time
  • Interact with the Imgur community through commenting, voting and sharing

Of course, this comes with a catch. Earlier, an Imgur Pro account meant you could disable ads. But now, the whole site is ad-supported and you can’t switch them off. We’ve been going back and forth about Adblock here at MakeUseOf, arguing that publishers need to stop whining about adblock Publishers Need to Stop Whining About Adblock Ad-blocking seems like a natural option for any consumer because of a simple reason: it's an easy way to get rid of an annoyance. Read More and even how adblock is killing the Internet It's About Ethics in Stealing Games Journalism: Why AdBlock Needs to Die A simple, free browser plugin killed Joystiq – and is ruining the Internet. Read More . It seems Imgur has decided that a paywall isn’t the answer and ads are the best source of revenue!

TechCrunch points out that the new free accounts also restrict image sizes to 5MB, whereas pro accounts used to allow images up to 10MB. The only exception to this rule now is GIFs, which can be up to 200MB.

And just in case you bought an account after January 8, 2015, you’ll get a full refund.

Convert Videos to GIFs, Add Text

Speaking of which, Imgur has showered more love on GIFs, the language of the Internet GIFs, The Language Of The Web: Their History, Culture, and Future Everything you ever wanted to know about the history of GIFs, how they've evolved, and their cultural impact and significance. Read More . You can now quickly convert any YouTube video into a GIF Easily Convert YouTube Video to GIF Animations Online There are often times when you wish you could turn a video into a GIF file. Maybe you want to pass a short clip around the office without getting anyone fired for looking at YouTube.... Read More in a few steps. In fact, Imgur supports hundreds of video sites, not just YouTube.



It’s pretty simple to use:

  1. Go to and paste a URL.
  2. Choose the starting and ending time of a clip that will be your looping animated GIF.
  3. Add text if you want to.
  4. Click “Create GIF” to get your GIF.

It’s a really cool way to create your own reaction GIFs, complete with customized text.

Are You Psyched about the New Imgur?

I don’t know about you, but I’m kicked about all these changes that Imgur has introduced. It retains the site’s core no-hassle mechanics, but adds just enough new stuff to make it even more useful. That said, the mandatory ads can be a turn-off for some. So are you psyched about the new Imgur or will you be making your way to one of the best Imgur alternatives The 7 Best Imgur Alternatives for Uploading and Sharing Images Fed up with Imgur and its restrictions? Here are the best Imgur alternatives for uploading and sharing images. Read More ?


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