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How to Get More Matches on the Bumble Dating App

Joe Keeley 28-09-2018

Bumble is a popular dating app that lets females make the first move. With that in mind it’s no surprise that women are flocking to Bumble. However, just being on a dating app doesn’t guarantee success.


If you’re using Bumble and struggling to get matches, we’re going to share some tips to increase your chances. Whether by using Bumble’s verification feature, linking your Spotify account, or just perfecting your biography, our advice will help you find love.

1. Consider Your Photos

First impressions are important, right? Even more so on Bumble. Your photos don’t rotate automatically and the first one you choose is what people will initially see. This means it’s crucial to make it the best photo possible to encourage people to check out the rest of your profile and hopefully swipe right.

Woman taking selfie
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There’s no exact science to what makes the ideal photo. Try not to use any low resolution snaps. Don’t use loads of group photos. Ditch the sunglasses, because people like to see your eyes. Bumble does crop round the edges of your photo, so ensure you’re positioned centrally.

You can upload six photos to your profile and Bumble recommends you use all the slots. They’ve found that people with six photos get the most matches. Show your personality or things you like doing through your photos; variety is key.


2. Verify Your Bumble Account

Safety is very important when you’re dating online. There are plenty of online dating scams to watch out for, so being able to prove who you are up-front will ensure more matches.

Bumble has a Photo Verification feature to try and combat this. If you see a blue tick next to someone’s name, that means they are verified and more likely to be who their photos show. Unlike verification on Twitter, which isn’t available to everyone, Bumble’s is open to all.

The verified tick for Bumble

To get verified, open your profile and tap the Verify button. You’ll be asked to pose for a selfie in a specific way—one of a hundred random poses—and that will get sent to a human on Bumble’s team. If you match your photos, you’re verified. If you don’t, you’ll be removed from the platform.


3. Fill In Your History

Adding your educational and professional history is an easy way for someone to see if they have mutual connections, or simply as a conversation starter.

A conversation on Bumble

It’s easy to add. Edit your profile, scroll to My Information, and you’ll see the two fields for education and job. Tap each in turn to add the details. The job requires your title and company, while education requires institution and graduation year.

If you don’t have anything to put here, don’t use it as a space for a joke. Save that for your bio.


4. Link Spotify and Instagram to Bumble

Add another layer to your profile by linking your Spotify and Instagram accounts. It lets the other person instantly find out more about you. Spotify will list the artists you listen to most, while Instagram will show your recently posted photos (neither will display your username).

This could be the difference between getting a match and not. For example, someone could see you like the same cheesy pop band as them and want to chat about it. Or notice a recent snap of a vacation you went on to somewhere on their bucket list. It’s all great conversation juice.

Linking Spotify to Bumble

To link Spotify and Instagram, edit your profile and go to the Linked accounts section. Tap each connection in turn and you’ll be taken to the other app to confirm the integration. You can even hide particular Spotify artists from appearing, if you’re embarrassed.


If you’re a big Spotify user, Bumble isn’t the only thing you can connect it to. See our list of Spotify integrations worth setting up 7 Spotify App Integrations Actually Worth Setting Up Several years ago, Spotify killed third-party apps. However, the streaming music service has been working hard to add new app integrations, and here are seven that are actually worth setting up. Read More .

5. Short Bumble Bios Are Best

You definitely need to have a bio. It’s an easy way for someone to find out things about you, see if you share common interests, and to help spark conversation.

How to Get More Matches on the Bumble Dating App emoji emoticons faces expressions 670x335

That said, don’t go overboard, by writing out your whole life story. Bumble’s data shows that having a quick, snappy bio is more likely to get you matches. Use emojis if you like—emojis are fun and eye catching.

Perhaps list a few of your hobbies or something interesting that has happened to you. You want to stand out from the crowd, so don’t say you like food or traveling because so do most people. Instead, talk about that time you were a movie extra or that weird dance that you can nail. Try to be unique.

6. Don’t Like Everyone

It might be tempting to swipe right on everyone, no matter your genuine desire, in an attempt to increase the number of potential matches. Don’t do it.

Bumble encourages genuine use of its platform. If it sees that you’re trying to game the system, your intentions will have the opposite effect. Your profile will be served to less people.

It’s perfectly acceptable to swipe on a lot of profiles, in either direction. In fact, it’s encouraged, and Bumble will often send notifications reminding you to get swiping if you’ve not been doing so recently. But make sure you’re distributing those likes and dislikes honestly.

7. Use Bumble’s SuperSwipe

A SuperSwipe is a way of showing someone that you’re really interested in them. According to Bumble, you’re twice as likely to get a match with a SuperSwipe over a regular like.

The catch is that SuperSwipe is a paid feature and it’s not exactly a bargain at $1.99 each (though if you buy them in bulk, it’s cheaper).

The SuperSwipe process for Bumble

To SuperSwipe someone, don’t swipe to the right, but instead tap the yellow heart icon near their name. When they come across your profile, it’ll show that you SuperSwiped them.

Remember, while it’s likely to increase your chances, it still doesn’t guarantee a match, so don’t go blowing all of your hard-earned money on this feature.

Bumble Offers More Than Just Dating

Bumble is a great app for dating, and hopefully our tips have helped you improve your profile and get some more matches as a result.

But did you know that Bumble can do more than help you find romance? Bumble also has modes for people looking to make friends or business connections. To find out more, check out our guide to Bumble’s different modes Confused About Bumble? Bizz, BFF, Boost, and Next Modes Explained With its many functions and modes, the Bumble app caters to people interested in dating, meeting friends, and even networking. Read More .

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