Master Social Media With These Discounted Courses and Tools
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Today we’re going to look at four deals that’ll take you from social media newbie to pro in no time!

Digital Media & Public Relations Bundle

The first deal we’re going to look at today features two courses that’ll teach you everything you need to know about marketing in the digital world. The hours and hours of content covered in these two courses would normally cost hundreds of dollars, but they’re available for just $19 for a limited time. You really can’t go wrong with this much knowledge for this price!

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  • Internet Marketing Fundamentals – This course will teach you how to reach a massive audience at a low cost with the power of social media. You’ll learn to make a marketing plan that’ll work regardless of your budget.
  • Certificate In Media and Public Relations Online Course – The next session will teach you how to effectively manage your image and value by forming solid networks through strategic communication planning.

Modern Marketing & Entrepreneurship Bundle

The best word to describe this bundle of courses is massive! It has eight classes that cover a bit of everything you need to know to market a business in today’s digital world.

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  • Facebook Marketing: Advanced Targeting Strategies – When it comes to online marketing, Facebook is one of the most important tools out there. This course will teach you to use Facebook to draw more eyes to your business, which will help you make more money.
  • Online Marketing And Sales Funnels – This course will teach you to bring new business to your website and keep old customers coming back.
  • Shoestring Start-Ups – Sometimes you can get a business up and running on a minimal budget and this course will teach you how to make it happen.
  • Bulletproof Branding – Making your brand stand out is important. People will remember it. You’ll learn how to create a brand people will engage with thanks to this class.
  • Millionaire Brainstorming – Knowing how to properly brainstorm and refine ideas is one of the chief abilities that separates the successes from the failures and this class will get you on the success side of things.
  • Sales Funnels Mastery – Through this quick course, you’ll learn how to properly set up a sales funnel to find the most valuable buyers.
  • Marketing Strategy for Business – This course will teach you to get a marketing plan up and running. You need a plan to be successful!
  • Social Media Strategy for Business Growth – Learn to use social media to push your business to the next level with this class.

Social Media Marketing In 2017 Bundle

Is there a business that doesn’t use social media to market itself? If you know how to successfully use social media to generate new customers, you’ll find a whole new world of career opportunities available to you. And best of all, it’s only $34!

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  • The Complete Social Media Marketing and Management Course – This class will teach you to use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram for business.
  • Twitter Marketing for 100,000+ Free Followers in 2017 – This course dives into a tried and true formula to generate Twitter followers fast. More followers could lead to a wide-range of opportunities for your business.
  • The Complete YouTube Channel Course: Get Paid to Make Videos – If you want to make YouTube videos and make money from them, look no further than this course.
  • Best Facebook Marketing and Advertising Class for 2017 – Use this course to master making money on Facebook. There’s a lot to learn in the world Facebook marketing, and you’ll get a solid grasp of the concept once you get through this class.
  • Instagram Marketing Crash Course for Entrepreneurs – Instagram marketing is exceedingly difficult, but you’ll get a solid handle on it with this.
  • The Pinterest Marketing And Ads Blueprint – The final course in this bundle will teach you to use Pinterest for your business. When it comes to marketing, this network is still on the rise, and getting ahead on it will make you desirable in the job field.

Jooicer: Lifetime Plan

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This app will let you manage your Twitter account like a true professional. You’ll be able to use it maximize your account’s growth with this tool. For $34.99, you can’t beat this tool as a way to grow your brand’s social media presence!

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