Master Six Sigma Project Management With This Huge 15-Course Training Bundle

Most big companies use a framework such as Six Sigma to keep things running smoothly. Anyone who wants to work at a senior level (and secure a top salary) needs to understand the system. The Complete Six Sigma Training Suite Bundle helps you master both Six Sigma and Lean management, with 15 video courses and over 1,300 tutorials. Right now, you can pick up the lot for just $39.99 at MakeUseOf Deals.

Six Sigma Methodology

Originally developed at Motorola and then championed by GE, the Six Sigma framework is now used by thousands of major companies around the world. Whether you’re an aspiring project manager or simply trying to improve your résumé, it’s a good idea to learn this methodology.

The Training Suite Bundle brings together a huge selection of high-quality Six Sigma courses. Through concise video lessons, you learn the vocabulary of Six Sigma and how to apply the framework in any working environment. Along the way, you learn valuable management skills and get full prep for official certification exams.

In addition to Six Sigma, this training covers Lean — a related framework used mostly in manufacturing and tech. You also get an introduction to Minitab, the statistical software of choice for many project managers.

15 Courses for $39.99

Order now for just $39.99 to get lifetime access to this huge learning library, worth $2,843.

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