MaskMe: Mask Your Actual Email Address While Using It on Websites [Chrome]

MOin 18-03-2013

If you are about to sign up for an account on a website that you have not heard of before, it might not be the wisest thing to provide the website with your real email address. Here to help by offering an alternative is a tool called MaskMe.


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MaskMe is a tool that helps ensure your privacy online by masking your real email address. Many websites obtain your email address and then they proceed to pass that email to their partners websites. As a result, you get a lot of promotional emails which you would almost always mark as spam.

What MaskMe does is it lets you choose whether or not to give your real email address to a new web service that you are using. You can provide the new site with a disposable email address from which mail is forwarded to your actual email. If you experience any new spam, you can simply dispose of the disposable address.

MaskMe comes as a Google Chrome extension so you start by installing it. The next step is to enter the extension’s options and set up new masked addresses for your email. Alternatively you can start using the extension right away by clicking on a site’s field where you need to enter your email address – you will find an option to use a masked address or your real email address. Along with the email masking feature, the extension also offers a useful password generation tool that helps create complex passwords.



The abovementioned features are all included in the free version of MaskMe. The paid version offers, in addition to the above, device synchronization, MaskMe mobile, online backup, and masked phone numbers. MaskMe Premium begins from $5.00 per month.


Check out MaskMe @ [No Longer Available]

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  1. alex
    March 11, 2016 at 1:39 pm

    and firefox too

  2. Mike
    July 19, 2013 at 10:53 pm

    I use a Firefox add-on called Tempomail.It works as a right click option when filling out online forms that ask for your email address.Tempomail gives the option of keeping the phony address for up to a month.