How to Mush Pics & Videos Into Interactive eCards for Free

Ben Stegner 10-10-2009

This article originally discussed MashupArts, a site that allowed you to create interactive eCards for free. Since the website no longer exists, we’ve updated it with an alternative.


Sending a card to someone you care about is always a nice gesture. Maybe you can’t be there for their birthday but want to let them know you’re thinking about them. And who doesn’t love a “Just Because” note from a loved one?

If you prefer to make your cards digitally Forgot An Event? Send A Quick Card Or Gift From Your iPhone In the digital age, you have far fewer excuses for forgetting an important event — but when you do, you also have a lot more options for making up for it! Read More instead of sending them by hand, then Punchbowl’s free eCard service will serve you well. Choose a category like Birthday for Her, Thank You, or Graduation to start. You’ll see a variety of cards to pick from. Most are free, but some carry the Extra label. These require upgrading to a paid plan for at least $2/month.

Once you select a card, you can preview it to make sure it’s suitable for your needs. Click the Personalize design button to get started on making it your own. Punchbowl will offer you the chance to include a gift card The Best Last-Minute Digital Gifts That Don't Require Shipping Need a last-minute gift? Going digital may be your only hope for timely arrival. Here are the best last-minute digital gift ideas. Read More with your eCard. This is optional, of course.

Most cards have a template message, such as We’re so proud! on a graduation card. The basic editor will walk you through changing these. Click on the Edit bubble to edit the words and change the font, size, spacing, alignment, and color of text. Hit Done when you’re satisfied, then Continue to move onto the inside of the card.

How to Mush Pics & Videos Into Interactive eCards for Free Punchbowl Free eCards


Here it’s the same story: click the card to change anything about it. When you’re done, click Done and Continue one more time to move to the final step. The last page lets you change the envelope liner, stamped message on the front of the envelope, and the stamp. When you’re done, click Save and Continue.

You’ll need to create a free Punchbowl account at this point if you haven’t already. Then, just add names and email addresses to send the card to. Click Continue once more to confirm your delivery options, including the email subject. Send now will instantly deliver it to them!

Your recipient will receive an email with a button taking them to your card. It plays a little animation mimicking the opening of a real card Sick Of eCards? Send Real Cards With Ink By Sincerely You probably don't send all of the cards you should, do you? Don't worry, we're here to help. Read More , which is a nice touch. Note that when sending cards for free, the recipients will see ads on the page.

Have you ever sent an eCard? What’s your favorite type of card to receive? Tell us if you’d ever send a card this way by leaving your comments!

Image Credit: moosa art via Shutterstock

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