Marvel Sure Has Had an Illustrious History in The Movies

ROFL 18-07-2015

Marvel is known as a comic book 5 Websites For The Comic Book Fan If there was one thing the Web was made for, it was for comic book reading. Instant downloads, lots of fan information, and no waiting in line at the comic book store anymore. Read More company, or at least, that’s what it was known for at one point in time. Nowadays, people seem to know Marvel for their movies Wow, There Are A Lot Of Superhero Movies Between Now And 2020 As it turns out, between now and 2020, there's a lot of supermovies coming out. A whole lot. Read More , as they’ve set records for some of the biggest grossing movies in history. The company’s cast of characters lend themselves incredibly well to the big screen, but it wasn’t always like this, as some of the company’s older movies didn’t quite pack the same punch as the newer ones. Take a look at the inforgraphic below for an interesting look at Marvel’s movie history.

Which Marvel movie is your favorite? Hit the comments section below and let us know!


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  1. Anonymous
    July 18, 2015 at 3:47 am

    I think the best Marvel movie of the lot is probably Winter Soldier, though there's a real case to be made for the original Iron Man, the Avengers and also Guardians of the Galaxy. Winter Solider succeeds as a thriller (and a bit of a tragedy) that just happens to be told with Super Heroes, rather than a typical Super Hero movie. That's to its credit and that's the reason I recognize it above the others. It doesn't hurt that the action choreography is absolutely top notch with neither CGI'd nor shakey-cam preventing me from enjoying it.

    I think Blade deserves more credit for being a faithful and awesome comic adaptation than it gets and as far as I'm concerned the only Spider-Man movies that exist are the first two starring Toby McGuire.

    I also think Howard the Duck is a better Marvel movie than any of the Fox productions except maybe X-Men First Class.