MapOfMetal: Interactive Map Guide To Metal Music
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When it comes to metal music, there are many genres and sub-genres that you will only know about if you are an enthusiast. And if you aren’t one, there is no better place to learn about the origins of metal music than MapOfMetal. It is an interactive guide to metal music that covers tens of sub-genres, displaying their origins on a map, describing their history and evolution, and even letting you listen to a few tracks belonging to that genre.

This visually appealing and interactive map covers everything from post-metal and stoner-metal to progressive metal and punk rock. A small navigation map at the top corner makes navigation easy and the fullscreen mode makes it all the more fun.

guide to metal music


  • Trace the origins of metal music on a colorful map.
  • Covers tens of sub-genres.
  • Adjust colors, stream and visual quality for a better experience.
  • Get to know about different genres and listen to sample music.
  • No registration required.
  • Similar tools: Electronic Music Guide and TheRapMap.

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