ManPacks: Subscription Based Dressing Service For Men (Socks, Shirts & Underwear)

Israel Nicolas 19-03-2010

As men, we usually spring our rugged and brutish look. At the same time, we cannot be bothered to shop regularly for a clean set of underwear, shirts, and socks. What happens instead is that we usually expect our girlfriends to buy us these things. That is why Manpacks can be a life saver for men. This online subscription based dressing service for men automates the delivery of new socks, underwear, and T-shirts so that you can have a fresh set in your closet at all times.


dressing service for men

Setting this up is easy. You just need to select a package and assortment of styles for your initial purchase. Then, future shipments will arrive at 3 month intervals. The Manpacks are affordable too – the featured package costs only $8 a month and you can cancel your subscription anytime. This website is very useful for men who want these things simply delivered to them without having to take care of it. The set-and-forget approach of this website is great for men who just do not care about these things.

dressing service for men


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