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How to Manage YouTube Subscriptions With RSS

Saikat Basu 31-01-2018

There’s no doubt YouTube has become better YouTube Has Become Better! 9 New Features You Need to Know YouTube is so much better once you discover some of its hidden tricks and features. Here are nine ways to enhance your YouTube experience. Read More , but the YouTube homepage tends to go haywire after a video-watching binge. YouTube’s aggressive recommendations drown out the latest videos from your subscribed channels. It’s gone from a subscription service to a trending video service.

You can still click on Subscriptions in the sidebar, and you can still stay on top of subscriptions through email and push notifications, but there’s an even better way: using RSS feeds.

How to Manage YouTube Subscriptions With RSS

Feed readers like Feedly offer several organization features that can help you stay on top of the latest videos of your favorite YouTube channels. It is easy to add the feed of any YouTube channel to Feedly or any other RSS reader.

1. Use Feedly’s Search Box. Type the name of the YouTube channel into Feedly’s search. Follow the channel which appears in the result.

YouTube and Feedly Search

2. Import YouTube’s OPML file into Feedly. YouTube offers an OPML file for all your subscribed channels. Go to the Subscription Manager page for your YouTube account and click the Export subscriptions button to download the OPML file.

YouTube Subscriptions Manager

3. Use individual channel feeds. YouTube channels don’t give you a direct feed button, but you can easily build your own if you want to add a specific channel to your feed reader instead of all your subscriptions. Just copy the channel ID from the YouTube URL and add it to this URL:


The CHANNELID is the string in the URL after “/user/”. It can be a number or the channel name.

YouTube recommendations serve their purpose too. Your watch history influences YouTube to serve those recommendations. And you can easily discover the next great channel to subscribe to from here. Remember, you can manage your YouTube recommendations too.

Do you like the new YouTube? How do you stay informed about the latest videos uploaded to any subscribed channels?

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  1. Serge Courrier
    February 1, 2018 at 10:35 am

    In Inoreader, you just need to copy/paste the channel’s URL to get the feed.