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Intellinote: Put Your Tasks, Files, Messages & Online Meetings In One Place

Tim Brookes 16-09-2015

The right software behind your project, group or organization can make all the difference. Intellinote makes it easier to manage, collaborate and better communicate with your team, colleagues and clients.

Intellinote blends real-time text, audio and video messaging, easy file and screen sharing and project management features with a unique workspace approach that makes managing large teams of people a simple affair.

Better still, it’s completely free for personal use and comes with a feature-filled 30-day free trial so you can try it with your team before you buy.

Everything Under One Roof

Intellinote is available as both a browser-based web application or as standalone software for WindowsMac and mobile platforms. Both web and standalone versions share the same restrained modern interface: a collapsable left-hand menu makes the most of your content, to which you can pin any workspaces or chats for quicker access.

Intellinote: Put Your Tasks, Files, Messages & Online Meetings In One Place mainscreen

Intellinote provides a home for your notes, tasks, files, conversations and just about anything else related to your business, team or project. Notes can be shared and collaborated upon and assigned to workspaces, tasks can be delegated individuals with a due date. Sharing files directly to a workspace is a great way to share with entire teams, or start a one-on-one chat to keep your workspace discussions on-topic. It’s an organisational Swiss army knife.

Intellinote: Put Your Tasks, Files, Messages & Online Meetings In One Place expensenote

You can upload files directly into Workspaces or attach them to Notes and Tasks, provide lengthy text descriptions (formatted using WYSIWYG tools) and comment on absolutely anything. It’s also possible to embed a tasks or notes within other notes. Simply click on the “paperclip” attachment button and choose Add from Intellinote.

Intellinote: Put Your Tasks, Files, Messages & Online Meetings In One Place attachment

Intellinote’s approach is one that makes heavy use of Workspaces, which are essentially hubs that provide an assignable purpose to your notes, tasks and files. Workspaces are not rigid in their design, and they can apply to pretty much anything you need them for: whole departments, individual projects, team members, training literature – whatever you need.

Workspaces are not project or department-specific, and can be created for group communication as well. A group workspace serves a different purpose to a regular one, providing a point of collaboration for a limitless number of team members. You can chat, share files and see everything your group has been working on — and it all works the same for one-on-one workspaces.

Intellinote: Put Your Tasks, Files, Messages & Online Meetings In One Place createworkspace

Creating a workspace is as simple as clicking the plus button in the top-right corner and selecting Workspace, giving it a name and adding your team members to it. You’ve instantly created an organisational space, somewhere to store files relevant to that particular operation and a real-time chat room for your colleagues.

Non-pinned workspaces will show up in collapsable left-hand menu based on their activity (including any chats you’re currently having with team members), and any workspaces not immediately visible in the menu are hidden beneath the ellipsis (…) icon.

This keeps what you don’t need out of the way, so you can concentrate on the important tasks that need attention right now.

Using Intellinote

If you’ve used Intellinote in the past, you’ll probably notice that the UI is now considerably “lighter” and more user-friendly. In addition to a lick of paint and more responsive feel, navigating your workspaces is now even easier than it has been before.

What was once the “Unified Workspace” has simply become All — bringing together everything you’re working on, across all of your various workspaces. What’s more, all of your assigned tasks (past and present) have been moved to the Tasks screen, providing information at a glance about your upcoming schedule.

Intellinote: Put Your Tasks, Files, Messages & Online Meetings In One Place activitywindow

Every workspace you create — whether it’s a group, individual or a project — has a combined chat and activity window, and a tabulated area for notes, tasks and other content. Catch up on what has happened in each workspace in your absence with a glance at recent activity, or initiate an asynchronous chat with your coworkers. You can even and add notes, assign tasks, upload files and message other team members from the same text field, just pick an option in the box on the left-hand side.

Intellinote: Put Your Tasks, Files, Messages & Online Meetings In One Place tabulated

When you enter a workspace — regardless of whether it’s a project or group — you’ll see an activity window, a brief summary of the workspace and a tabulated menu for quickly browsing relevant Notes, Tasks, Files, Members, Drafts and Trash. These are all displayed alongside the activity window, so you can continue to chat with colleagues while browsing.

Intellinote: Put Your Tasks, Files, Messages & Online Meetings In One Place workspacesummary

A solution like Intellinote can replace several independent products, including ageing project management software that never seems to evolve and pricey real-time chat and video conferencing software. In an educational setting, Intellinote could come in useful for providing feedback, working with groups or assigning deadlines. In some cases, you might want to get rid of email for team discussions and just use Intellinote’s real-time chat and private messaging features within a group instead.

Many businesses and teams use third party tools as part of their regular operations, and though Intellinote tries to replace some of these tools, others have been implemented as optional integrations. These include web-based tools like GitHub and Bitbucket, MailChimp, Wufoo and even ZenDesk.

Intellinote: Put Your Tasks, Files, Messages & Online Meetings In One Place integrations

In addition to these Intellinote can also integrate with collaborative mainstays like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive (including Google Docs) and online calendars. There’s even an Evernote integration that migrates all of your notes and content over to Intellinote. If you want more complex integrations there’s support for, REST, Webhook and Zapier, which can take productivity to the next level with integrations specific to your operation.

Intellinote has a wide range of applications thanks to such a robust base. The fusion of project management, real-time video, audio and screen-sharing and real-time discussion is surprisingly effective. In busier environments where keeping track across projects can be difficult, Intellinote could be the ideal tool for restoring order and sanity.

Communicate & Organise Your Team

In addition to providing a sense of context for your team or company’s operations, workspaces are also central to communication. Sometimes email and instant messaging feel too disjointed and removed from your project, which is where Intellinote’s team chat and video conferencing come in.

Arguably one of Intellinote’s biggest selling points, the recent addition of video conferencing integrates with your existing team members in exactly the way you’d expect. Simply hover over a name and hit Call to initiate a one-on-one meeting, or add a group of users for a larger conference — all from within the same UI.

Intellinote: Put Your Tasks, Files, Messages & Online Meetings In One Place Video Conference

The benefits of letting Intellinote take care of your video conference needs seem obvious: organise your team from one interface, access company materials quickly and save money on expensive standalone premium conferencing tools. Intellinote supports screen sharing and annotation features found in pricier conferencing solutions.

In fact, you don’t even need to be a registered Intellinote user to take part in a video conference. Simply create a new conference using the blue “call” button at the top of the screen and pass the link along to a prospective client or vendor. Working with multiple clients? Use Intellinote to create a workspace for each of them so you can share documentation, ask questions, hold video conferences and communicate far more efficiently than plain old email.

Intellinote: Put Your Tasks, Files, Messages & Online Meetings In One Place iPhone 6 w group video v4

Whether you’re working in the same office or are a member of a team that’s scattered across the globe, asynchronous chat and video conferencing should cover most of your communicative needs. Organise personal face-to-face meetings or just check in with groups and projects — the choice is yours.

Click the small, RSS-like icon in the bottom left corner (be it Note or Task) in order to follow it. You can recall followed notes by workspace or display everything you’re following under All using the Filter menu in the bottom right-corner. Follow and unfollow notes as you need them to add an extra dimension to your productivity – prioritise tasks in order to get things done.

Intellinote: Put Your Tasks, Files, Messages & Online Meetings In One Place itfollowing

For any items you are following, notifications will let you know of changes to contents, comments, tags, attachments and assignees or due dates. You can even add other users as followers (useful if they aren’t associated with that particular workspace) by clicking the plus “+” button and typing their name.

Real-time push updates ensure that while perusing a workspace, you do not need to refresh Intellinote in order to see the latest additions in terms of content – changes are pushed to your browser automatically, and relevant workspaces and chats surface in the navigation area when they are updated.

Intellinote for Desktop & Mobile

Mobile access is increasingly valuable in a world where we rarely leave our smartphones or tablets alone, and Intellinote has two mobile apps: one for iOS (which I’ve tested here) and one for Android.

Intellinote: Put Your Tasks, Files, Messages & Online Meetings In One Place intellinoteipad1

Considering Intellinote’s web app looks like something you would normally find on the App Store, the mobile client is very easy to get along with. It provides full access to your workspaces, notes and conversations while keeping you up to date with real-time push notifications for incoming changes and messages while you’re away from your desk.

All of your Intellinote data is accessible via the mobile app, including the combined chat and activity window and tabulated notes and other content. Video conferencing works over mobile too, allowing you to initiate and participate in real-time group messaging using your Android or iOS device regardless of location.

Intellinote: Put Your Tasks, Files, Messages & Online Meetings In One Place intellinoteipad2

It’s pretty much possible to do anything you can do in the web version using the mobile app, though there are a few drawbacks, like a lack of text formatting tools and the inability to interact with certain integrations (you can’t create documents in Google Drive, for example).

You can however upload files, create new workspaces and add members to your organization (provided you have the right clearance) from the iOS app I tested. All changes are pushed to the server as you make them, and appear instantly.


Intellinote’s browser app provides access to your organisation from any computer with an Internet connection, but you can also download dedicated desktop versions for Mac and Windows. These each provide real-time notifications and keep your most important tasks out of the browser.

An Integrated Approach

Intellinote tries to take a completely integrated approach to organising your projects, teams and organization. One solution blends elements of project management, real-time group communication, simple drag and drop file-sharing and integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox and other must-have business tools.

Intellinote aims to eliminate the need for several different solutions by doing it all, in one place. There’s even an Intellinote API for better integrating Intellinote into your company’s workflow.

And it works – workspaces are a great way of keeping work in the right place without causing clutter. Templates can be tailored to your organisation’s smallest demands then rolled out time and time again. Just about every team out there can benefit from faster, more effective communication — whether you’re 3, 30 or 300 people strong. Intellinote works for both teams and individuals, allowing teams to collaborate on a large or small scale depending on requirements.

Better yet, it’s free for personal use and the 30-day fully-featured trial offers plenty of opportunity for teams to decide if the $10 per user, per month for the Standard plan is agreeable.

Sign up for your free trial and become more productive today!

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