How to Manage Your Airbnb Wishlist (And 10 Incredible Places to Add)

Anya Zhukova 26-09-2018

It’s hard to find a person who hasn’t heard about Airbnb today (see how does Airbnb work if not). Thanks to this best-of-the-best travel network, you can book a living space online directly from a host.


Airbnb essentially connects people who have a spare room (or a house, or maybe a boat) with those looking for a place to stay. The process is so easy and transparent, people now often choose to book an AirBnb over a hotel room.

There are many reasons why people choose Airbnb over hotels 5 Big Benefits of Booking an AirBnB Room over a Hotel AirBnB has enhanced the guest experience, and mainstream hotels are starting to feel the heat. Here's what AirBnB is doing different, and how it'll improve your traveling experience. Read More and other hospitality establishments. For example, Airbnb membership that comes with many perks. Like maintaining a wishlist with all the places you’ve ever dreamt about staying in. It’s basically Airbnb’s version of a bucket list, only for accommodation.

How to Manage Your Airbnb Wishlist

So you’ve decided to start collecting your Airbnb dream homes. Let’s start with logging into your profile. Then, in order to access your wishlist, go to Saved on the top right of the Airbnb page.


Click on View Lists, and on the right side of the page, you’ll find the button to Create a list. When creating a new list, you can set it to be public or to be visible only to specific people that you choose to share it with.


How to Manage Your Airbnb Wishlist (And 10 Incredible Places to Add) Airbnb screenshot wishlist 002

After that’s done, you can continue browsing the site. When you stumble upon a house that you’d like to have on your wishlist, click on the heart symbol on the top right of the picture, where it says Save. You can also have multiple wishlists if you’d like to keep different Airbnb places separately.


If you decide to remove a place from one of your wishlists, once again go to Saved at the top of the page. Then click View Wish List and select the listing you want to remove. Click the heart symbol on the listing to remove it permanently.


Places to Add to Your Airbnb Wishlist

Airbnb probably impressed you before with comfortable accommodation offered at a much cheaper price than the surrounding hotels. Maybe you’ve heard about their new luxury option for top-shelf rentals called Airbnb Plus? This time, however, we went on Airbnb to look for something special, and here’s what we found.

Below you’ll find our list of the most wonderful (and weird) places for your Airbnb wishlist.

1. The World Famous Seashell House

airbnb-seashell house

Where? Isla Mujeres, Mexico


How much? $299/night

This quirky seashell house is a perfect dream accommodation for someone who enjoys spending vacations on the beach. The house itself will make you feel like you are one with the ocean. And it’s not just the outside part—the beds, tables and even shower heads are all themed around shells and life of the ocean.

2. Secluded Intown Treehouse


Where? Atlanta, GA, United States


How much? $375/night

If you’re tired of living in a big city and are craving some peace and quiet, this place should definitely be on your list.

This tree house looks like something straight out of a fairytale. Get ready for lots of green on the outside, and beautiful decorations with fairy lights and antique furniture on the inside. And nothing but the sound of the trees around you.

3. A-Frame Rustic Off-Grid Cabin

airbnb-a-frame cabin

Where? Gasquet, CA, United States

How much? $58/night

Looking for something different but don’t believe that you have to spend a fortune on a vacation home? We’ve found just the right place for you.

Set in California, the land of sandy beaches but also rustic wilderness, this beautiful hand-built cabin is the perfect balance of unusual and comfortable. However, one thing that you need to prepare yourself for is the facilities placed outdoors, including kitchen, and wood-fired sauna. There’s also a beautiful organic garden right by your beautiful escape home.

4. Geodesic Dome in the Woods

airbnb-geodesic dome

Where? Bethlehem, CT, United States

How much? $46/night

For those who are feeling adventurous and looking for a real challenge, we have found this geodesic dome right in the middle of Bethlehem, Connecticut.

Entirely made of wood, it doesn’t have heat or power—a perfect getaway from civilization. At the same time, it’s still a little home on the inside, a much more comfortable option than pitching a tent when you want to be one with nature.

5. Live Like a King in a Castle

airbnb-galway castle

Where? Galway, Galway, Ireland

How much? $174/night

Enough with the budget options. What do you say we look at some exotic luxury options some more? How about an actual Celtic castle in Galway, Ireland?

Ever imagined yourself living in a castle? Maybe when you were a kid. Well, dreams come true. This castle was built in the 1400-s and has been refurbished with a toilet, a bath, and other modern day facilities. And today it welcomes new kings and queens on an everyday basis.

6. Night on a Yacht


Where? Sóller, Balearic Islands, Spain

How much? $1,395/night

Now, if you decide to really splash out on something both unique and also all-inclusive, look no further.

You can spend a beautiful day on board this beautiful luxury yacht cruising on the South of Mallorca. Then you get to watch the sunset from the dock and spend a night in a luxury cabin inside. What’s the catch, you’ll ask? No catch if you don’t count how much you’ll have to pay for your romantic marine getaway.

7. Glass Cabin

airbnb-glass cabin

Where? Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil

How much? $58/night

If you happen to be traveling in Brazil, this little one-of-a-kind house is a must try. In order to create this glass cabin, the owners spent years collecting recycling glass bottles that they later turned into the most wonderful colorful home decoration ever.

8. Snow Igloo

airbnb-snow igloo

Where? Pelkosenniemi, Finland

How much? $211/night

For those who prefer romantic snowy landscapes over sandy beaches, there’s this out-of-the-box Airbnb holiday home.

Yes, it’s a real live ice-cold igloo located in Finland. Is there a more beautiful and poetic way to watch Northern Lights than from an actual authentic igloo? There’s a double bed inside with two sleeping bags. And according to the previous guests’ reviews, those should keep you warm at night. But as an emergency backup, the host promises a warm apartment being available to you 24/7.

9. The Airplane House

airbnb-airplane house

Where? Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef, France

How much? $145/night

Are you a big fan of traveling? So much that you’d love the idea of spending a night on the plane while it’s on the ground? Good news is, it’s now possible. This airplane house includes a kitchen, a shower, and a bathroom. There’s enough room inside to accommodate up to 4 people.

10. The Bubble Lodge

airbnb-bubble lodge

Where? Dournazac, France

How much? $252/night

If you enjoy the idea of being one with nature, but still prefer sleeping in a warm bed over a sleeping bag in a tent, this might be the listing just for you.

This eco bubble lodge is available for rent in France. You get all the perks of sleeping outdoors, like stargazing and absence of city lights and noises, but without getting cold in the wind or bugs bothering you all night long.

What’s Your Airbnb Wishlist Like?

Hopefully, some of these places inspire you to choose something different and unique next time you go on vacation. If you love using Airbnb, check out these Airbnb clones for other rental services.

However, if you’re not completely sold on the benefits of this system, there are plenty of high-quality Airbnb alternatives for any budget 12 High-Quality Airbnb Alternatives for Any Budget Airbnb gives you thousands of rental properties to choose from---but it isn't perfect. Why not try one of these Airbnb alternatives instead? Read More .

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