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Make Videos for Any Social Network With Apple Clips

Michael McConnell 22-05-2017

Apple has a new iOS app for making short videos to share on social networks How to Upload Perfect Native Video on Each Social Network The biggest mistake you can make is to upload the same video on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. Like with anything else, you need to customize social content for every type of audience. Read More , called Clips. It’s simple enough to use and free to download, but we thought we’d explore the features a little deeper to see what the app is really capable of.


Before you can download Clips you’ll need to update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS 10, which includes a few notable improvements Apple IDs, AirPods, and APFS: What's New in iOS 10.3? Apple ID management, AirPods support, and the debut of APFS -- wondering what all of that means? Let's take a closer look at iOS 10.3. Read More over the last version.

Photos, Videos, and a Little Bit of Snapchat

One of the more puzzling aspects of Clips is trying to figure out why it exists at all. An app for making short videos and slideshows for social media seems like it should be bundled into the Camera app. Yet, after playing around with it, Clips clearly sits between the Camera app and full featured video editor like iMovie How To Create Awesome Slideshow Presentations In iMovie Want to produce slideshows that go beyond simple cross dissolves and single track background music? Apple's iMovie for Mac OS X can help you create a professional looking slideshow presentations with few prior skills. Read More .

Clips was not pushed out to everyone, so you need to download it before you can experiment. The app greets you with a quuick intro video that provides a few examples of the sort of videos you can create. It is missing a lot of the details, but it does a decent job of demonstrating both the videos and photo slide shows.

So What Do I Do Now?

If you don’t share many videos on social media, you might be wondering what to do next. Considering that Apple is leaning hard on using this to share videos with friends, we’ll start there. The recording interface is pretty simple. Choose the front or back camera first, though it defaults to the front facing camera. Press and hold the big red button, and the camera starts recording audio and video.

clips photo and video


If you want to stop there, you can. Next, hit the share button and send your video via Messages or to your social network of choice. Yet, we can already do that with the built-in Camera app. What Clips excels at is adding effects and text to your video.

If you prefer to use photos. You can take a photo and hold the red button for as long as you want it shown on screen. You can use existing photos and videos from your library 5 Things You Need To Know About iCloud Photo Library Here's what you need to know about iCloud Photo Library, how it works and what it will cost you. Read More  for this. So far, so basic.

Filters, Filters, Filters

Filters are probably still something that you could apply with the regular Camera app. If you want to apply a filter to your whole video Top 11 iOS Photo Editing Apps for Tweaks, Filters & Artwork There are plenty of free and paid iPhone apps to edit your photos, turn them into artwork, and make you looking stunning — here are our favorites. Read More , tap the three overlapping circles to see the available filters. You can do this before or after you set up your recording.

clips filter


There are seven filters in total. These are not all the same filters built into the Camera app. There are a few overlaps, but the Clips filters are Noir, Instant, Transfer, Fade, Comic, Ink, and Chrome. The Ink and Comic features are a nice touch. Each filter makes your photo or video look like stylized art. These filters are a nice nod to the number of apps used to transform photos and videos this way.

Adding Text Frames and Narration Subtitles

If you want an overlay with narration or subtitles for your video How To Transcribe A YouTube Video Everyone loves watching YouTube videos. But did you know it's incredibly easy to turn them into text files? Read More , you can tap the speech bubble at the top of the screen. This feature transcribes the audio adding a defacto closed captioning.

clips narration

If you would rather add text over specific frames of your video, tap the star icon in the top toolbar. This menu contains word art and shapes you can pop on each section of your video. They have some default text, but you can tap on them to edit the text. There are some basics shapes you can add here as well.


clips overlay text and shapes

When you are in the main menu to either add more video or photos, you can tap the T icon in the toolbar to get full frame text. These options are an easy way to create titles or interstitial frames, allowing you to label the sources or set up the video that follows.

Adding Music

One of the more impressive features of Clips is the ability to quickly add a soundtrack to your video Need A Soundtrack? Download Free Creative Commons Music [Sound Sunday] Music is free to download and comes with a Creative Commons license that allows you to share the material, if you give attribution, use it non-commercially, and don't distribute derivatives. Read More . It overlays the audio from your video, though you can mute sections of the video by tapping the speaker icon in the edit view. Tap the musical note in the upper right corner, and you’ll see a choice of music, drawing from selections that Apple has cleared and your personal collection.

clips soundtrack


Adding music from your personal collection comes with some limitations. The only things that I was able to get to show up were music I owned and bought from iTunes. It also needs to be downloaded locally.

Apple breaks down their pre-cleared music by theme, with only some of them downloaded. There’s a good variety here, and with enough tracks to ensure that you are not using the same music every few videos.

But What Do I Use This For?

Clips creates short videos perfect for social networking. Also, it does not care what network you use to upload them. It uses the integrated share sheet in iOS, and anything that can process a video can receive it. You can even send your video as an email attachment, or send it to iCloud Drive What Is iCloud Drive and How Does It Work? Confused about what makes iCloud Drive different to Apple's other cloud services? Let us show you what it can do, and how you can make the most of it. Read More .

I made a slideshow of some clips from a recent concert I attended Never Miss a Live Concert Again With These 6 Sites Did you just miss a music concert that you would have loved to see? Use these 6 ways to get notified when your favorite bands are in town. Read More . I played around with the video, but didn’t realise the app had opened a previous project rather than the new one I thought I was creating. This a mistake caused Clips to put the audio at the beginning of the slide show. After I had played around with the app for a while, I figured out how I could have fixed my mistake.

Unfortunately, once you delete something from clips, it is gone forever. I used the pictures I took to create a new slide show along with a track I owned from iTunes. My only real complaint about the app is that it does not open ready to create a new video.

In a way, this is a tool that frees you from having to use the in-app tools provided by Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. It has a neat interface that facilitates video creation without tying you to a specific service when you finish. Ultra simple editing also makes this a great way to make a short YouTube video.

Have you made anything with Clips? Send us a link to your creations in the comments.

Image Credit: SSokolov via Shutterstock.com

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