How to Make Siri Read Tweets Out Loud on iOS
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Siri can do a lot more than you think on your iPhone or iPad. Aside from searching the web, she’s also able to control settings on your device and integrate with a variety of apps for even more features.

If you’re a Twitter fan and want a new way to interact with the service, there’s an app that allows Siri to read out tweets for you. It’s called Social Speaker, and it’s available for $2.

To get started, open Social Speaker and confirm your Twitter account. Then, you’ll need to choose a list that Siri will read tweets from. You can choose from your timeline (everyone you follow), mentions, favorites, or any list you provide. If you follow too many accounts, choosing Timeline will probably result in a lot of noise. Try making a Twitter list with just your favorite accounts for use with this app.

Finally, choose how many tweets you’d like Siri to read at once (from 1 to 50) and if you’d like to start with the newest or oldest. After this is done, you can say “Hey Siri, read messages using Social Speaker” using Siri’s hands-free control. Siri will read the tweets out to you, and ask if you want to reply. Say “Yes” to mark that tweet for later follow-up.

While this probably won’t replace your favorite Twitter app, it’s an interesting new way to get info from the service. Perhaps you could create a News list, and have Siri read from that listing in the morning.

Do you like hearing Siri read tweets out loud? Let us know if you’ve set up a specific list for this!

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