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Make a Mother’s Day Movie Using Google Photos

Dave Parrack 04-05-2017

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, at least in the U.S., where it’s always observed on the second Sunday in May. In 2017, that means it’s on May 14. Most moms (even geeky ones) A Day In The Life: Two Tech-Savvy Moms & Geeks With the introduction of ever more sophisticated smartphones and tablets into the market, and the availability of some of the most amazing apps out there, it should come as no surprise just how dramatically technology... Read More generally don’t ask for much from their children, but celebrating Mother’s Day in some way is always appreciated.


Depending on when you’re reading this you’ve probably still got time to pick a card, buy a gift, and arrange a nice meal out. If that’s your thing. However, just in case you’ve left it too late, or are too tight to treat your mom well, Google has your back with a new feature on Google Photos.

A Mother’s Day Movie Starring Your Mom

This tool lets you make a Mother’s Day movie using photos you’ve stored on Google Photos. All you need to do is visit, select which person is your mom, add some kids (you, your siblings, or even people you barely know), and Google Photos does the rest.

After a few minutes of processing, your Mother’s Day movie will appear in your Assistant tab. And, thanks to facial recognition, Google Photos should have chosen photos featuring your mom with whoever you indicated were her children. Even if that’s the weird guy who lives down the street.

There are some limitations to this feature. Firstly, you’ll actually need a decent number of photos of your mom stored on Google Photos for it to work. You could upload some fresh images just for the occasion, but that may be too much effort for what is essentially a last-minute gift idea.

Also, unlike with Facebook’s friendship anniversary videos, you can’t manually choose the photos used in the movie, or edit the video after it’s been made. Still, beggars (or, more accurately, forgetful sons and daughters too busy to actually care about their parents) can’t be choosers.


Taking the Credit for Google’s Hard Work

As we said earlier, moms don’t tend to ask much from their kids. So the least you can do is make a Mother’s Day movie showcasing photos featuring the two of you together. After all, Google Photos is doing all of the hard work How to Make Google Photos Work for You with These Tips Google Photos could be the much-awaited solution to manage all your photos. But is it the best among all online photo sharing sites? Read More , leaving you to take the credit for being a loving son or daughter.

Do you use Google Photos as your default camera app? If so, what’s your favorite feature? And what would you change about the app? Are you going to use Google Photos to make your mom a Mother’s Day movie? Please let us know how it turned out in the comments below!

Image Credit: Barney Moss via Flickr

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