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Make Gift Wrapping Less Boring With These Inspired Ideas

Briallyn Smith 05-12-2016

Wrapping presents can be a ridiculously stressful part of your holiday experience.


Books and boxes may be easy enough, but there is always at least one gift that’s an impossible shape. And, in a world full of Pinterest-inspired craft experts, wrapping paper from the corner store and a stick-on bow may not be up to snuff for your holiday events.

Even though you shouldn’t judge a book (or a present) by its cover, there’s no denying that a well-wrapped gift feels a little more special. If you want your gifts to stand out, look no further.

These 20 ideas are easy to do, and look great under your tree or in an Instagram post — the perfect combination.

The Easiest Solutions Ever

If you’re in a last-minute panic, these gift-wrapping options can be a life saver.

1. Make a Bag Out of Wrapping Paper

A great option for weird shapes is to make a bag out of the wrapping paper you were planning on using. In just a few quick folds you’ll have the perfect container for your gift, one that will coordinate with the rest of your presents.


2. Wrap Oddly-Shaped Objects in Fabric

The limitations of wrapping paper are numerous: it tears on sharp edges and refuses to fold properly on awkward shapes. Try using cheap fabric (such as a new dinner napkin, scarf, or dish towel) to wrap difficult objects in an adorable way. As a bonus, your wrapping doubles as an extra gift!

3. Wrap faster

If your problem is efficiency, there are some intense techniques out there that can help you wrap gifts at superhuman speed. To see one example, check out the video above!

If you want your children to be extra excited about their presents, these ideas will do the trick.

4. Play Dress Up With Their Presents

Making a snowman out of your child’s presents is super easy. Simply wrap three different-sized boxes in white paper, then add cutout decorations to make the snowman’s eyes, mouth, and buttons.


Another easy option is a reindeer (use a red pompom for the nose, and pipe cleaners for the antlers).

5. Send Their Presents “From the North Pole”

If you want to add a little extra magic, why not make it look like your child’s presents came straight from Santa Claus himself? Here are some downloadable North Pole labels and stamps that you can add to the outside of a present wrapped in brown paper.

Getting creative with what you wrap your presents in can save you money and result in beautiful presents!

6. Wrap Your Presents in Newspaper

Newspaper Wrapped Gift
Image Credit: mikeledray via Shutterstock


Newspaper is a great size for wrapping gifts, and can look very artful if done correctly. Look for pages with more text than images, and avoid upsetting headlines. The comic pages can be a fun and colorful alternative to classic newsprint. Be careful to avoid staining from the ink!

7. Re-Purpose Children’s Artwork

If you have children, chances are you also have an overflow of children’s artwork lying around your home. A great way to increase the artwork’s visibility is to use it as wrapping paper for gifts. Plus, grandparents and other relatives will love their one-of-a-kind artwork gift on the outside of their present!

8. Use Maps as Wrapping Paper

Maps may not be used as often as they used to be The 3 Best Places To Find Free Historical Maps Online Many old records, such as maps, are not hosted in many locations. There are a few online resources that provide a decent selection of historical maps. They’re great for amateur researchers and anyone interested in... Read More , but they sure make beautiful wrapping paper! Wrap your gift in any map you have lying around, or use a map that represents a place special to the recipient or that is related to your gift.

9. Printable Wrapping Paper

If you just can’t seem to find a pattern that works for you in the store, consider printing your own wrapping paper! There are many online databases that offer a wide variety of wrapping paper templates. One great option is found at You can also do a quick search on Pinterest and be overwhelmed with the number of options out there!


Printable Wrapping Paper

10. Wrap Your Presents in Sheet Music

Sheet music (either purchased from a second-hand store or printed from the internet) can be a classy way to jazz up your gifts. The black and white pattern contrasts beautifully with red ribbon or other accents.

Name tags are functional, and can be beautiful if you have nice handwriting Free Handwriting Worksheets to Practice Cursive Writing Practice cursive writing with these handy apps. Research suggests that writing in cursive has cognitive benefits that are overlooked in the digital age. Read More and good supplies. However, if your cursive leaves a lot to be desired, or you hate squinting at tiny tags in the flurry of holiday excitement, consider one of these options instead.

11. Use Photos to Identify Gift Recipients

Place your favorite photos of your loved ones on their gifts. This is an incredibly fast way to identify which gifts belong to whom, while also reliving beautiful memories.

12. Make a Personalized Word Search

Word Search puzzles are another great option 10 Websites to Make and Print Word Search Puzzles Read More for achieving a classy black and white color scheme for your gifts. If you create personalized Word Search wrapping paper using a tool like Puzzlemaker, you can circle recipients’ names or other personalized messages in bright colors.

Maybe try the following DIY solutions.

13. Put a Pocket on Your Gift

If you follow the pattern in the video above, you can quickly and easily create a small pocket at the front of your gift. This is a great place to put decorations, a card, or a second, smaller present!

14. Make a Small Box Out of a Toilet Paper Roll

Tiny objects can be difficult to wrap, and easy to lose. An easy way to keep them secure and wrapped beautifully is to make a wrapped toilet paper roll and then fold it into a cute box. No one will ever guess where you got your wrapping from!

Gift cards are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to give 10 Gifts for College Students You Hadn't Thought Of Looking for gifts for college students? We've got 10 alternatives to the ubiquitous smartphone. Our top picks include mini-PCs, high-tech backpacks, consoles, and wearables. Read on for some great gift ideas! Read More during the holidays. Unfortunately, they’re a lot less fun to wrap than three dimensional presents! Instead of just sticking a gift card inside a larger card, try one of these fun ideas instead.

15. Print Off Beautiful Gift Card Holders

If you’re not worried about hiding the gift card from the recipient, you should at least make it look nice! There are many gift card holder templates available online, and one great collection can be found at However, you can also find other great options through a quick Pinterest search!

16. Hide the Gift Card in Plain Sight

It’s always fun to surprise someone with a gift card, but that’s hard to do when they are such an obvious shape! Consider hiding your gift card in unlikely objects, such as a ball of yarn, a mason jar of candy, or a balloon!

pinterest gift card

17. Make Your Own Gift Card Holders

If you have a great idea for a specific pattern or image that you want superimposed on your gift card holder, consider creating your own gift card holder using a template. A great template option can be found at Simply print off the template, and then trace it onto the piece of paper you want to use for your holder!

Sometimes all it takes to make your gifts go from status quo to “WOW!” is one tiny addition. These ideas are sure to be a hit with anyone on your gift list.

18. Make a Bow Out of Candy

Candy that comes in flexible wrappers (such as M&Ms or Sour Patch Kids) can be easily changed into a bow. Simply tie a ribbon around the middle of the packet (moving half of the candy to each side). You will then have a present guaranteed to make anyone smile, and that’s even before they open it!

19. Make Cute Pictures Using Props

wrapping tree car
Image Credit: Maglara via Shutterstock

With a simple prop and some plain paper, you can easily create some of the most adorable presents around. The example above is one great option, but a similar effect could be achieved with small toys or simple craft materials like pompoms, sparkles, stickers, crayons, origami, or anything else you can imagine!

20. Classic Candy Cane

When all else fails, there’s nothing wrong with simply taping or tying a candy cane on to the front of your gift. It’s cheap, it’s simple, and it’s seasonal — sometimes that’s all that matters!

Gifting Genius

Hopefully one of these wrapping ideas will remind you that buying gifts is far more complex 22 of the Best Budget Tech Gifts for Geeks Looking for gifts for geeks? You've come to the right place! We've rounded up the best gadgets and technology for those on a budget. We've got gifts from under $20 to $150. Read More than wrapping them! With these ideas at your fingertips, you will have beautifully coordinated gifts under your tree in no time.

Are you someone who regularly astounds the people around you with your wrapping prowess? I’d love to hear your secrets in the comments!

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  1. Sam
    December 5, 2016 at 9:41 pm

    Thanks Brialyn, used the kids artwork myself at one time ... and now at 21yo she's still producing ..... doesn't appreciate having her canvas' cut .... imagine. trying some new ideas....

    • Briallyn Smith
      February 8, 2017 at 10:45 pm

      HA! Something tells me canvas is a bit more of an expensive wrapping choice than scrap paper!