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How To Make A Facebook Post Go Viral [Weekly Facebook Tips]

Angela Randall 05-08-2014

You want your posts to get seen, right? Yeah, you do. But do you know how to actually get your posts to go viral? We’ve got some ideas for you that will improve your chances.


This advice is not just for making pages popular 10 Great Ways To Improve Your Facebook Page's Popularity Facebook pages come in all manner of different shapes and sizes. Many are pretty lame, gaining very few likes and with hardly anyone talking about them. Obviously the subject of the page is the most... Read More . If you want your regular updates and group posts to get a boost, these tips will help too.

Stay Authentic

When trying all of the tips that follow, remember to stay authentic, and true to yourself or your brand. Your own ideals and beliefs are what got you this far, and your fans respect that. Add a little humour to a hefty dose of reality and you’ll have tonnes of people relating to your update instantly.

Add A Prize

People love free stuff. If you run a competition worthy of attention, they’ll flock to it and share with friends. Just make sure you stick to Facebook’s competition guidelines How To Run Facebook Competitions With The New Page Promotions Policy [Weekly Facebook Tips] Non-technical Facebook Page owners can now breathe a sigh of relief. Facebook has finally changed their promotions guidelines so you no longer have to make apps in order to run competitions on your Facebook page.... Read More .

Share Your Emotions

When you last posted a happy update to Facebook, did you notice you got a big reaction? That’s because your friends and fans were happy for you. It’s not just happy posts that do well, either. Consider posts that evoke other emotions too:

  • Awe
  • Jealousy
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Lust
  • Pride

Post about things you’re proud to have achieved. Make sure you let people know what you’ve been working hard on, and that you’ve finally made it to your goal. It might be a new job, or a weight loss goal, or a particularly long run. Whatever you’re proud of, let people know. Your friends and fans will often be happy to support you.



Create posts that leave people awestruck. Share fascinating facts and videos of things that seem impossible. Try extreme sports, optical illusions and near-miss accidents for ideas. They’ll be sharing it with their friends before they’ve even finished watching the video.

Incite jealousy by showing off a new toy you own or are coveting (or food you’re eating). If your audience is saying “Oooh, yeah I want that” they’ll like and share.

Non-profits do especially well with posts that make people angry. If readers are angry enough about an issue, they might sign a petition and share the post with friends. Regular people and businesses can occasionally make good use of posts that incite anger too, so have a think about how you might do it yourself.


Fear is an unexpected tool for many, yet it works well for virality. When a reader is scared of a particular outcome, they will read the article. If a viewer is scared by what they see in a video, they usually share it. There are a lot of reasons for this, but it generally boils down to not wanting bad things to happen to them or their friends.

Sex still sells. You don’t have to go adding naked women to your post though – get creative. A subtle suggestive comment or pose can work wonders.

Also consider three Internet staples: Educate, entertain and inspire 5 Awesome Facebook Pages That Entertain, Educate, And Inspire Does Facebook depress or annoy you? If you're too curious about the world to quit your social network, why not Like some pages that will entertain, educate, and inspire you? Read More .

Call To Action

Actually ask people to like or comment on the post. You might be surprised how much of a difference this makes.


It’s Okay To Ask

When you have a post you want to promote a little, it’s okay to ask a handful of good friends and family to give it a bit of a boost. Once it’s got some steam it will either flourish or fail, but until it gets seen by enough people it’s got no chance.

Make People Laugh

Perhaps even stronger than the simple emotion of being happy is the act of laughing. If you can make them laugh, they’re hooked.


Pay To Promote

It’s easy to boost your posts with the addition of a few dollars in advertising. Don’t be afraid to pay for advertising Thinking Of Paying Facebook For Ads? Use These Tips To Do It Right [Weekly Facebook Tips] Does your business really make use of Facebook? Or do you merely update your page occasionally with some hope of keeping your fans updated? There's a difference. A big difference. Read More – bricks-and-mortar businesses do it all the time. Give it a small budget and see where it goes from there.


Tie-In With The News

What’s big in the news right now that has some relevance to you or your page? A celebrity wedding would be an obvious choice for a wedding planner, while an international football game is a good item for a local football page to talk about. Think about what’s going on in the news for your niche.

Learn About Your Fans

You need to know when to post your update in order to get the most eyeballs on it. To do this, take a look through your Facebook insights and see what times previously popular posts were published. Keep trying different times and checking the results. Once you know exactly when your fans respond best you will be set.

Share What’s Already Being Shared

Find photos and videos that are already viral (and use science to choose the most likeable images Get More Likes On Your Facebook Photos Using Science [Weekly Facebook Tips] Want to know which photos will do best on Facebook? So did a bunch of researchers. And they found out. Read More ). Check our what’s big on YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram or Reddit this week and vaguely on-topic for your needs. If thousands of people have already made this video or image popular, and it’s something you like too, you can bet some of your friends and fans will also like it. Even people who have seen it before will usually give it a passing “like”.

Who’s Behind That Viral Post?

While we’re talking about viral posts, be warned that there are pages out there who have mastered viral posts. While they may just seem to be popular pages who dish up interesting stuff, it turns out some of them are run by political parties and other groups with a specific agenda to share. On their Facebook pages, however, they run viral posts that pretty much anyone would like. There can also be unexpected issues behind viral posts about missing children Missing Child: How Sharing That Picture Can Put Lives At Risk [Weekly Facebook Tips] No doubt you've seen these pleas on Facebook before: Share this photo to help find my missing child. But you could actually be putting the child in danger. Have you ever thought of that? Read More .

Make sure you take a look into who is behind the posts before you blindly go “Liking” things. Otherwise you might be inadvertently showing support for something you actually don’t believe in.

Show Us Your Viral Content!

What is some of the best viral content you’ve seen lately? Let’s have some fun in the comments. I’ll start!

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    August 6, 2014 at 8:32 am

    Well, I run a music-sharing page on facebook, about every night I share some songs that have been uploaded in the day, there was this news that I think everyone knows about, when Orlando Bloom punched Justin Bieber in the face in a nightclub in Ibiza.

    On a more tragical note, the 'always plural' Bingo Players member speaks of the loss of his duo member..

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