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You Too Can Make Cool Infographics With Piktochart Templates

Sandy Writtenhouse 06-09-2017

Infographics are hot whether you are into visuals or not. For business documents, educational materials, and even resumes, they are not only fun to make but display data attractively Learn the History of Infographics the Best Way Possible... With an Infographic Read More .


If you have tried tools that are clumsy or are just worried making an infographic is tough, then you need to try Piktochart.

Non-designers can rejoice. This amazing online tool is intuitive, full featured, and will have you creating the coolest infographic around in no time.

Sign Up for a Free Account

You can use Piktochart for free by signing up for an account using Facebook, Google, or your email address. Then, choose from almost a dozen free infographic templates to get started.

piktochart signup

The main screen lets you view both free and pro templates. So, if you decide to upgrade, hit the Level Up button to view pricing packages. The button is both at the top of your dashboard and on each of the pro templates.


Check Out Your Dashboard

Your Piktochart Dashboard is very basic with options to create an Infographic, Presentation, or Printable item. Each offer sets of free and pro templates. You can also click the Inspire Me button on the left to see creations from other users.

piktochart dashboard

At the top of your Dashboard, you have options to search visuals you have saved, create a new one, check conversations, and access your profile as well as adjust settings, get help, or sign out.

Pick a Template

For this article, we will discuss an infographic, so click that button on the left. Make sure you are on the Free Templates tab and then click to use one or just preview it. You can pick from festival, survey result, crowdfunding, education, or basic business templates.


piktochart templates

Once you select a template to use, you will be taken to the Piktochart Editor where the fun really begins.

Get Familiar With the Editor

The Piktochart Editor has the same look as the Dashboard, but with all the tools you need to create an amazing infographic. Here is a brief rundown of those tools.

  • Graphics: Choose from shapes, icons, lines, photos, or photo frames.
  • Uploads: Browse your computer or select uploaded images for use.
  • Background: Select a background color or image.
  • Text: Pick a header size, body text, or a text frame.
  • Color Scheme: For those with paid accounts who want color schemes.
  • Tools: Use a chart, insert a map, or include a YouTube or Vimeo video.

piktochart editor tools


Along with these tools, you will notice a mini toolbar right next to the template. The options here let you add, move, clone, or delete a block. In addition, you can adjust the canvas width and block height.

Create Your Infographic

Now that you have selected a template and are familiar with the basics of the editor, it’s time to get creative.

Edit Text and Images

You can edit all elements of the templates from images to fonts to colors. Even though a template is a great way to start, you are not constricted by it. To change text, select a text element within a block and the editing tools will be displayed and the same goes for images.

piktochart text editing


Text options are extensive with many font styles, sizes, alignment, linking, colors, and opacity settings. For images, you can flip them left to right or top to bottom, rotate, resize, and stretch them. You definitely have all the tools you need for text and images.

piktochart image editing

If you make a change you don’t like, just click the Undo button at the top. Also, another helpful feature is the Lock button. This is extremely handy for locking in elements so that no changes are made by mistake. Just click to enable or disable the lock in the editing toolbar.

Grab a Graphic

Piktochart has a large variety of built-in graphics that you can use in the Shapes & Icons section. You can search for something in particular or use the drop-down box to browse by industry. From animals to lifestyle to weather, you are sure to find just what you want.

piktochart graphics

Click on an image to pop it into your infographic and then adjust it just like with other images. When resizing a graphic, hold down the shift key while dragging to retain its proportions. You can also hit the button in the toolbar to enable the alignment guideline so that all elements line up nice and neat.

Include a Chart

One of the coolest features of Piktochart and most useful for businesses is the chart option. Click Tools and then Charts to view the selection. You can choose from 14 charts to suit most any situation or data collection.

piktochart line chart

To get the best idea of which chart is suitable for your data, you can pull that in three different ways. You can fill in the data manually, import it as a CSV or XLSX file, or click Dynamic Data to get a Google spreadsheet link. Depending on the data set that you use, your chart options will adjust to accommodate it correctly.

piktochart bar chart

Once you have your data and have created your chart, you can change several settings for just the right look. Click the gear icon to open the settings and then adjust the title position, color scheme, title and text colors, and legend position. You can also enable or disable the axis, grid, and legend.

piktochart chart settings

With the flexibility and features of the charts you can make your infographics truly stand out. And, you can edit your chart even after it is placed into its spot. Just click the pencil icon on the chart to make your changes.

Add a Map

If the infographic you are creating would benefit from the image of a map, then head over to the Tools section once again. Click Maps and then search for a country, select one you see, or pick a region. Then, click Edit This Map for some fine-tuning.

piktochart add map

Piktochart gives you great options for tailoring the map you choose to fit your infographic. You can pick the map and border colors as well as enable or disable the border line all together. For this example, we will use a map of the United States. As you can see, all states are the same color, but you can adjust them all or just the ones you want to highlight.

piktochart map color

In addition, you can add columns for data, hide or show selected states, and hide or show columns too. Just like the charts, the maps feature provides good flexibility. If you click the Data Visualization option at the top of the map screen, you can customize even further.

Here you can decide to have the title and description displayed when hovering and choose the color. And if you enable the Area-Value Map option, you can have the map display shades of color based on the data values. Then, pick colors, enable or disable the legend, and select the legend position.

piktochart map data visualization

As you may have guessed, you can update your map at any time. Just click that pencil icon after you select the map to make your adjustments.

Insert a Video

Piktochart makes it super easy to include a video in your infographic. You can use a YouTube or Vimeo video and all you need is the link.

piktochart videos

Click Tools and then Videos. Pop your URL into the box and hit the Insert button. It’s just that simple. You can move your video around and resize it as you did with images.

Save or Share Your Infographic

When you finish your magnificent creation, you can save or share it easily. To save it as an image, click the Download button at the top. You can then choose the size, file format from PNG or JPEG, or download it as blocks.

piktochart download

To remove the Piktochart watermark, customize the size, use high resolution, or download it as a PDF, you will need to upgrade your account.

If you want to share your creation, click the Share button at the top. By default, your infographic is marked “Unpublished.” To publish it, select “Public” from the list. Just be aware that once you publish it and receive your link, you cannot unpublish it.

piktochart share

For a password-protected link or a private URL just for you, you must upgrade to a paid account.

Helpful Tips

Here are several other things to keep in mind when you use Piktochart for your infographics.

  • Switch the page size to A4 or letter size by clicking File > Page Setup from the top.
  • Resize a block by dragging on the indicator below it.
  • Sort saved items on your dashboard by most recent with the arrow on the right.
  • Access the FAQs with the arrow next to your profile at the top.
  • To ask a specific question, click Need Help? on the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • See an overview of Piktochart by clicking Tour on the left side of the editor menu.

Have You Tried Piktochart Yet?

With a dozen free templates and access to 600 more templates with a paid account, you can easily it for a spin before you buy it. The editor is simple to use, the website is responsive, and the features make creating an infographic a breeze.

Have you tried Piktochart yet? Or do you have a go-to application, whether online or offline, that you prefer for your infographics How to Make an Infographic for Free with PowerPoint You can make infographics easily and quickly with PowerPoint. PowerPoint is an undercover infographic design tool that requires very little effort to produce beautiful, high quality graphics. Read More ? Let us know your thoughts below!

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