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How to Make Apps Stop Bugging You for Reviews

Ben Stegner 13-07-2017

Whether you use Android or iOS, you’ve probably had an app throw an annoying pop-up at you asking for a rating or review. Some offer a Never option that will suppress requests in the future, but not all do. In those cases, you’re only offered Yes or Remind Me Later.


Choosing the latter, of course, will result in the app bugging you again in the future. If you want to shut the app up and never see this notification again, there’s a simple fix.

Tap Yes like you’re going to leave a review. Once the App Store/Google Play Store opens, just tap Back or close the page. The store doesn’t tell the app if you actually left a rating. Instead, the app remembers that you’ve tapped Yes to open the store and doesn’t ask you again.

You may see the pop-up again after the app updates. Since app stores take reviews of the most recent app version into account, the developer may have set their app to ask for reviews on every new version.

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Do you usually leave ratings on apps or do you hate doing so? Let us know if you appreciate this trick down in the comments!

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  1. Thor Lancaster
    February 26, 2020 at 8:36 pm

    An even better thing to do is to tap "Yes" and then tap "1 star".
    Asking for reviews goes against Google's terms of service, annoys everyone, and needs to stop.