Magican-Monitor: A System Monitoring Freeware for Mac Computers

MOin 22-07-2011

Windows users can easily find freeware RAM monitors, CPU monitors, and various other system monitoring tools. However the case is not the same with Mac users. This is precisely what makes “Magican Monitor” is so special – it is a free and through system monitoring for Mac computers.


system monitoring software for mac

Magican Monitor is a freeware system monitor for computers running Mac 10.6 or later. But apart from being free, the tool’s strength lies in its thoroughness. From battery life to the usage of hard disk, memory, and CPU, the tool covers everything. Each type of monitor – battery, CPU, monitor, and hard disk – works as a separate unit and can be hidden from the interface anytime. System temperatures and bandwidth usage are also monitored and displayed. The app’s customization options allow you to change the colors used by various monitors and the time periods for refresh intervals and history time line.


  • A user-friendly desktop application.
  • Compatible with Mac computers.
  • Monitors bandwidth usage and system temperatures.
  • Display temperature as Celsius or Fahrenhe.
  • Monitors usage of CPU, memory, and hard disk.
  • Displays battery usage.
  • Lets you customize colors used and refresh time intervals.
  • Displays network speed in float, users can put the app to dock.
  • While moving to other space, Magican Monitor can keep in screen now.
  • Also check other tools from the same developer: Magican File and Magican Rest.

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