Mad 4 Maths: Interactive Game For Kids To Practice Basic Arithmetic Operations [Android]

Azim Toktosunov 16-01-2013

Mad 4 Maths is an addictive and interactive game for kids (and adults) that enhances mental arithmetic abilities of the player. While this game is aimed at kids to get them familiar with basic arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) it also can be enjoyable for adults to practice their basic math skills. It is available for free download for Android and Blackberry platforms.


Once you download and install the app on your smartphone/tablet, you will get four modes that you can practice – Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication & Division, Smart Enough and Time Attack. Each mode has ten questions, which you should answer quickly and correctly as soon as possible because each question has a time limit. The more questions you answer correctly in a shorter amount of time, the more points you get.

The first 2 modes involve only addition, subtraction and/or multiplication and division as suggested by the mode names. The third – Smart Enough mode, combines the first 2 modes. The fourth mode – Time Attack lets you choose the level of pressure (Easy, Medium, Difficult) for completing the task. While the tasks may simple at first, they become not so simple when each task is timed.

interactive math game for kids

mad 4 maths


  • Interactive game for kids and adults to practice basic arithmetic operations – subtraction, addition, division and multiplication.
  • Compare and share your scores with friends on Facebook, Heyzap.
  • Unlimited puzzles to play.
  • Fun for all ages.
  • Free, ad-supported.
  • Supported in French, German, Spanish.
  • Available for download for Android and Blackberry platforms.
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