Mackup: Easily Back Up & Restore Mac Application Settings [Mac OSX]

Azim Toktosunov 25-04-2013

If you upgrade your Mac every several months, the most time consuming task is to configure each one of your applications on your new machine. The process can take many hours. The same problem applies if you have to maintain several Mac computers. Configuring application settings on every individual Mac is simply daunting. Now you can automate the whole process of restoring application settings on every Mac (that you maintain) thanks to Mackup.


Mackup lets you backup settings of your Mac applications to your Dropbox account and then easily restore those settings to other Mac computers. It doesn’t have a user interface and is executed through command line arguments. Although typing in commands into the command line shell can seem unfamiliar for most users, the hardest part is the installation. Once you install Mackup on your system, backup and restore takes 2 words in the command line.

To backup application settings you type in mackup backup, and to restore setting on new machines you type in mackup restore. That’s it.

Initial configuration is done in 3 steps. You will have to execute these commands only once in the beginning.

1 – Install Dropbox on  your system (if you haven’t already).
2 – Download Mackup by executing these lines in your shell

backup mac application settings


3- On every new Mac, install Dropbox and run these commands.


Once you have installed Mackup on all your machines whenever you want to back up and restore settings on your Macs, simply do mackup backup to back up settings, and mackup restore to restore settings on every machine.

Mackup doesn’t support all the Mac applications but the list of supported applications is growing. To see if your favorite apps are on the list, check from their GitHub page.


  • Back up and restore application settings on a Mac.
  • Back ups through Dropbox.
  • Requres Dropbox account.
  • Supports over 35 Mac applications.
  • No user interface. Runs through command line.
  • Similar tools – SyncDifferent.

Check out Mackup @

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