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A Mac Trick for Keeping Certain Windows on Top

Nancy Messieh 16-10-2017

Multitasking on your Mac Do More, Better: Enhancing Multitasking in Mac OS X Multitasking is not always a choice. When you have to write up a report, you need access to your text processor, but also to your reference material. While working, I often end up working with... Read More is something that Apple has tried to make pretty easy. You Mac machines come preloaded with tools like Mission Control and Exposé to keep track of all your open apps and files.


But if you want to keep just one window or file on top of all others, that’s where a third-party app like Fenêtre comes in. With a free and pro version of the app, you can try it out first to decide if it’s worth buying.

You can place websites on top of all other windows, and interact full with the site, clicking links and searching for content. This makes it ideal for keeping a YouTube or Netflix window on top of your other windows while you’re working.

You can also place files on top of your windows, but unfortunately Fenêtre doesn’t work with other apps. If you want to keep a Word file on top, you can keep the document on top of all other windows, but you can’t actually edit that file.

A Mac Trick for Keeping Certain Windows on Top Mac Fenetre

It’s most handy when you need a reference document with figures, or information in front of you at all times, or if you’re using a photo or design for reference when working on something, or even if you need to keep a color palette visible at all times.


To place a webpage on top of all your other windows, just select the URL and drag it to the Fenêtre app icon in the menu bar at the top of your screen.

A new window will open up with the site placed on top. You can resize the window and drag it around your screen, but it will always remain on top.

To place a file on top of other windows, drag the file icon from your desktop or Mac finder to the Fenêtre icon.

A Mac Trick for Keeping Certain Windows on Top Fenetre Menu

Once you have that window on top, you can toggle its visibility by clicking the eye icon. To bring it back up, click the Fenêtre icon and select the file or URL name.

With the free version of the app, you can only keep one window on top of all others, so if you drag an additional file or URL, it will replace the existing one. Upgrading to the premium version of the app for $4.99 will get you unlimited windows, as well as opacity control, a list of recent items, and more. According to the Fenêtre website, $4.99 is a special introductory price with 35 percent off the original price. The offer ends November 23.

What are your favorite multitasking Mac tools? Would an app like Fenêtre improve your productivity? Let us know in the comments.

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