Love Twin Peaks? 10 Shows You Should Watch on Netflix

Mihir Patkar 05-06-2017

It’s the TV show everyone is talking about. Showtime launched Twin Peaks: The Return on May 21, 2017, amid a media blitz. It’s the sequel to the 90s cult classic Twin Peaks, by writer/director David Lynch.


Like the original series, Twin Peaks: The Return is another supernatural mystery, slated to be a limited series with 18 episodes. It answers some of the unsolved mysteries of the original, as well as introducing some new ones. And if you’ve already fallen in love with it, we suspect you can’t wait for the next episode to drop.

Lynch is a master storyteller, and the original Twin Peaks inspired a slew of shows that came after, from The X-Files to Wayward Pines. So while you wait for the next chapter to air, treat yourself to one of these other great shows on Netflix.

1. Riverdale

With its dark take on comic book legend Archie Andrews, the first season of Riverdale caught everyone by surprise. The comic books have always celebrated small town life, but what does this look like these days? Throw in a murder mystery, and you have a recipe for TV worth binge-watching The Pros and Cons of Binge-Watching Television With streaming services so popular, most people now binge-watch TV shows. Learn more about the pros and cons of binge-watching. Read More .

Why Twin Peaks Fans Will Love It

In some ways, Riverdale is the spiritual successor to Twin Peaks, with its creators admitting their love and respect for the 90s series. A murder catches everyone by surprise in a world of teenagers. There’s a lot of darkness and many secrets behind the neat-and-clean facade of this small town.

2. Bates Motel

Alfred Hitchcock’s famous film Psycho gets a prequel with Bates Motel. Follow the story of Norman Bates and his mother Norma, as they run the motel located in the small fictional town of White Pine Bay. You’ll especially love the work of Oscar nominee Vera Farmiga as Norma, as she does everything in her power to protect Norman. There’s a reason this made it to our list of shows to download from Netflix 12 TV Shows to Download Off Netflix for Your Commute to Work Netflix now lets you download content to watch offline, but what TV shows are actually worth downloading? We have found 12 TV shows perfect for commutes of any length. Read More .


Why Twin Peaks Fans Will Love It

David Lynch has imbued Twin Peaks with a particular mood. The look and feel is almost like an exaggerated version of a time period, or rather, how we look back on that time period today. And yet, it’s stylistic from a modern sense. Bates Motel offers a similar stylistic representation, complete with the chills that run down your spine while watching Twin Peaks.

3. 13 Reasons Why

A high school student commits suicide, leaving behind a shoebox full of audio cassettes addressed to her classmates. Each tape, according to her, will tell them what part they played in her taking her own life. Based on a young adult novel of the same name, 13 Reasons Why is one of the must-watch Netflix originals of 2017 15 New Netflix Originals You'll Be Watching in 2017 Netflix is now producing its own original content. And some of the new Netflix Originals set to debut in 2017 definitely look like they'll be worth watching. Read More .

Why Twin Peaks Fans Will Love It

It’s the good old Twin Peaks formula all over again. A beautiful girl dies at the start of the show, and a small town is thrown into disarray by this event. Secrets spill out of closets, a wholesome society reveals its dark side, and a mystery reveals itself ever-so-slowly. What’s not to love?

4. The Killing

Yet again, a beautiful young girl is murdered. Yet again, a small community’s darker side is slowly revealed. But in this show, the stakes are much higher. The girl’s body is found in the trunk of a car in a lake. And the car belongs to a mayoral candidate. This one isn’t just about a small community.


Why Twin Peaks Fans Will Love It

Some Twin Peaks fans hate the fact that the big mystery of who killed Laura Palmer isn’t solved in the first season of that show. Other fans love it, since it acknowledged Twin Peaks was about a lot more than that particular mystery. If you liked the slow, two-season-long reveal, then The Killing should be right up your street.

5. Stranger Things

It’s almost impossible for anyone to dislike Stranger Things, let alone a Twin Peaks fan. A young boy vanishes, so his friends set out looking for him. Go with them on their wild search, as they encounter secret scientific experiments, monsters of the like you’ve never seen before, superpowered human beings, and more.

Why Twin Peaks Fans Will Love It

When you’re caught up in the mystery of who killed Laura Palmer, you sometimes forget Twin Peaks was about so much more. It also married science fiction and supernatural elements, without it ever seeming forced or cliched. If you want another taste of that combination, you need to watch Stranger Things. And when you’re done, we also have a selection of shows to watch after finishing Stranger Things.

6. Broadchurch

When you get tired of the American shows, take a trip across the pond to Broadchurch. A young boy is murdered in a small town, and the media laps up the story as a hardened detective with a dubious past comes to solve the mystery. And there’s more happening in this feel-good community than initially meets the eye.


Why Twin Peaks Fans Will Love It

One of the best parts about Twin Peaks is FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper. His cynical worldview is matched only by his quest for the truth. Detective Alec Hardy of Broadchurch is just as cynical and dogged, if not more so. Plus, if you’re a Twin Peaks fan, then you’re a science fiction fan, which means you’re always happy to see David Tennant AKA Doctor Who Who Is Online: The Best Doctor Who Episodes of All Time If you want to get into Doctor Who, and enjoy the most important episodes of this British institution's entire televised history, start with the list we have lovingly prepared for you. Read More .

7. Hemlock Grove

Two teenage girls are murdered in the quiet town of Hemlock Grove. This quiet town has a suspect: a boy rumored to be a werewolf. This quiet town also has a biomedical institute rumored to be conducting dark experiments. Can the werewolf-boy and the heir to the town’s richest family solve the mysteries of Hemlock Grove?

Why Twin Peaks Fans Will Love It

There are a ridiculous number of reviews comparing Hemlock Grove to Twin Peaks — so much so that the creators and even the stars have been asked about this multiple times in interviews. Here’s what lead actress Famke Janssen told Collider: “I loved Twin Peaks and I thought, ‘This is for people like me who want to be in this world that is strange and peculiar and exciting and mysterious.’ And Hemlock Grove reminded me of that.”

8. The Keepers

Sometimes, real life can be far more shocking than fiction. The Keepers is an original Netflix documentary The 12 Best Netflix Documentaries of 2016 Hundreds of documentaries are added to Netflix every year. So, to save you the trouble of sorting the wheat from the chaff, here are the best Netflix documentaries of 2016. Read More which sees a team of investigators diving deep into a cold case from the 1960s. What starts off as a murder investigation reveals far more.


Why Twin Peaks Fans Will Love It

At times in Twin Peaks, you will find yourself saying, “Oh come on, no one changes their story so many times in real life.” Well, watch The Keepers and you’ll get some startling insight into how the human mind works, and how or why people change their stories. It’s an engrossing mystery, but it’s an even more engrossing investigation.

9. Casting JonBenet

Six-year-old JonBenet Ramsey, a child beauty pageant queen, was killed in her home in 1996. The case gripped America, with ever-changing stories and new clues uncovered every week. What actually happened that day in Boulder, Colorado? Find out the truth as the people from the community remember this real-life event.

Why Twin Peaks Fans Will Love It

A lot of Twin Peaks is about how a small American town reacts to a murder mystery. It’s about the rumors flowing around, the tales people tell, and the memories both real and warped. Casting JonBenet is a fascinating real-life version of all these elements.

10. The Murder Detectives

What really happens during an 18-month-long murder investigation? A documentary crew was given unprecedented insider access to an ongoing investigation. This three-part mini series is like nothing you’ve seen before, as investigators in Bristol (England) work the murder of teenager Nicholas Robinson.

Why Twin Peaks Fans Will Love It

At times, viewers may find the detective work in Twin Peaks frustrating. And clues appear far too conveniently or serendipitously. If you’re wondering what a real-life murder investigation looks like, check out The Murder Detectives.

Old Twin Peaks or New Shows?

There are some fantastic shows on this list. And many of them are Netflix originals. That means you can watch them in any country without needing to bypass Netflix’s regional restrictions with a VPN Which VPNs Still Work With Netflix? Netflix is cracking down on VPNs, but there are a few that still work. Here are the best VPNs to use with Netflix. Read More . But there’s a bigger choice you need to make first.

Netflix US also has the original two seasons of Twin Peaks from the 1990s, so you can jump into watching a new show or you can spend that time getting reacquainted with the many inhabitants of the town David Lynch created.

Are you watching the original Twin Peaks? Is this your first time watching the show? Which of the shows on our list are you likely to watch? Which one is closest in tone to Twin Peaks? Can you add another show to our list? Please let us know in the comments below!

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