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For the Love of Dog: 5 Best Places for Cute Puppy Photos and Videos

Mihir Patkar 25-11-2017

The internet’s love for cats is well documented, but dogs aren’t left far behind. If a puppy’s antics or an old boy’s silliness can put a smile on your face, then head to any of these places for a pick-me-up.


We’ve already listed a few sites for cute and funny pet pictures The 6 Cutest Sites with Silly Pet Pics and LOL Pets Read More . But a new breed of sites and social accounts do it better than ever before. And it’s not all funny either, as you’ll find heartwarming stories of rescue and triumph as well.

1. We Rate Dogs (Twitter): The Top-Rated Dogs Online

Matt Nelson never dreamed his silly Twitter exercise would become this big. Nelson takes photos of dogs (submitted by their owners) and writes silly captions, along with giving them a rating.

“How can anyone rate dogs?” you gasp. Nelson agrees. Don’t worry, no dog has received a rating less than 11 out of 10. Just check out the parody ratings and you’ll get what we mean.

We Rate Dogs is updated regularly with new photos and videos, complete with Nelson’s hilarious captions. It even led to an internet meme you need explained KnowYourMeme: An Encyclopedia Of Funny Internet Memes Read More , called “They’re good dogs, Brent.” Follow this on Twitter, you’ll be entertained every day.


2. The Dodo (Web, YouTube): Videos of Rescues and Adorable Moments

The Dodo doesn’t cater only to dogs, it’s a site for any animal whose story is worth telling. But dogs obviously are the bulk of the site, given how many people around the world shoot videos of their pets.

The site especially focuses on inspiring stories of disabled, abandoned, or rescued dogs 5 Best Animal Rescue Sites To Find Your Next Pet If you’re thinking of adding a new pet to your household, you may want to look into adopting or rescuing one from a shelter instead of buying one from the nearest pet store. Local animal... Read More . Short videos tell the story of the canine, with a unique style that is immediately appealing. You’ve probably already seen a few of The Dodo’s videos on Facebook, but the main site has so much more.

It’s not all stories of hardship though. The Dodo has enough cuteness to give you that warm, fuzzy feeling. If you don’t want other animals and only crave puppies, head to Or you can head to The Dodo’s YouTube page for thumbnailed videos.

3. /r/RarePuppers (Reddit): Cuteness Overload

The enormous community of silly pet owners and dog lovers at Reddit has come together under this one roof. Rare Puppers delights in goofy videos of our canine friends, complete with misspelled headlines and captions as if the dog was typing.

best places cute puppy videos photos

The subreddit’s description is a good sample of the kind omisspelledlt captions you can expect: “This is a subreddit devoted to cute little animols such as puppers, cates, and turtles if you have some cute turtles post other animols if you want to ok.”

It’s updated all the time, and you can filter it by type of animal, but I’d recommend seeing everything. If you’re new to Reddit, you can always peruse our awesome guide to Reddit The Awesome Guide to Reddit Wonder how your friends always find cool stuff on the Internet before you? They're probably using Reddit, the self-proclaimed "front page of the Internet". Read More . But this isn’t confusing at all. Just keep browsing, and if you want to see the best posts of all time, click the “Top” tab.

4. Kids With Dogs (Instagram): Dogs + Babies = Cute Videos!

The only thing cuter than dogs and puppies is putting them together with human puppies. A lot of dogs, especially older ones, are amazing with infants, as this Instagram feed shows.

?? @kingvaskoszenobia ? follow @kidswithdogs and #kidswithdogs to get featured

A post shared by Babies ? Puppies ? Kids ? Dogs (@kidswithdogs) on

People send in videos of their dogs and kids interacting with each other. Most of them are babies with older dogs, who see them either as peers or someone to protect. Adorable! Even when the balance of age shifts sometimes, it’s still as much fun.

If you are an Instagram user, you can simply follow @kidswithdogs to get a dose of cuteness in your feed. If you aren’t an Instagram user, you can still view it by going to the account page through any browser.

5. Dog Shaming (Web): When Naughty Dog Gets Caught, It’s Still Cute

Dogs will pee in the house, chew up your slippers, destroy your furniture, and get up to other hijinks that they aren’t supposed to. It’s time to name and shame these huggable weirdos! Head to Dog Shaming to know that you aren’t alone in not being able to scold your dog.

best places cute puppy videos photos

The idea is to post a photo of the four-legged criminal and his crime, along with a caption of what he did. Bonus points if your boy or girl is good enough to sit while you hang a sign of their crime around their neck.

More often than not, that look of shame is enough to melt your heart rather than cause any anger. And sometimes, the look isn’t shame but joyous defiance, which is even cuter. Good luck disciplining your beast 6 Reactive Dog Training Websites for Stressed Owners When you can better understand and manage your dog’s reactivity, you’ll feel better and both of you will have a better, less stressful life. Here are some excellent resources. Read More , these masters were clearly unsuccessful.

How Do You Get Your Daily Dog Dose?

When you’re stressed out, a quick photo or video of a silly puppy can be just what the doctor ordered. And when you aren’t stressed out, they’re even better. Basically, a dose of dog cuteness is awesome at any time.

How do you get your daily dose of silly puppies? Do you have your own or do you look at others’ crazies?

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