Love Coffee? 5 Essential Sites and Web Apps for Home and Office

Mihir Patkar 25-07-2017

Coffee is the nectar of the gods for some of us. The day can’t start without a cup. It’s what you catch up with friends over. It’s the little boost in the middle of a busy work day.


If coffee is an essential part of your day, then you know how a bad cuppa can ruin it all. There are some excellent sites for an improved cup 8 Excellent Websites for an Improved Cup of Coffee Coffee is loved all over the world, but some coffee tastes better than others. Want a tastier dose of caffeine? Here are some sites that'll help you get started. Read More already, and with these apps, you’ll never have to drink a substandard cup again.

1. How to Brew Coffee: Tips and Techniques From NCA

The National Coffee Association (NCA) has the most comprehensive set of guides about coffee-making. From brewing the perfect cup to storage techniques, you’ll find everything at this resource.

coffee nca guide

The NCA offers excellent tips to remember, like the Golden Ratio of water-to-coffee: between one and two tablespoons of ground coffee for every six ounces of water. It also has guidelines for the amount of brewing time for common methods, like French Press, espresso, cold brew, and a drip system.

Just in case you don’t find what you’re looking for here, check out The Black Bear roastery’s guide to brewing the perfect cup. Their entire “Resources” section is full of excellent information, such as this indispensable coffee brewing chart.


2. I Love Coffee: For the Love of Coffee (And Infographics)

I Love Coffee is the ultimate expression of coffee love. Written by Ryoko, who didn’t like coffee till 2009, the blog has already turned into one book.

coffee i love coffee

But where I Love Coffee really shines is in the infographics. Ryoko has magical powers when it comes to translating coffee-related information into a beautiful graphic that you’d want to hang on a wall. From brewing with an Aero Press to tips to make the perfect coffee at home, you’ll find it all. In fact, chances are, you’ve already seen her work on Facebook or some other social media without knowing it.

I Love Coffee isn’t updated regularly any more, but the browse the site and you’ll find loads of entertainment. And get ready to spend far too much on their Etsy page, much like you would on these gifts under $150 for coffee lovers 7 Gift Ideas Under $150 For Coffee Lovers Read More .

3. Coffee Spec: Tell Everyone Your “Perfect Cup”

Through years of drinking coffee, you have probably discovered the ratio for your perfect cup. But when you ask someone else to make you some coffee, they might get it wrong.

Coffee Spec is a free tool to make an infographic about your (and anyone else’s) ideal cup. It’s perfect for a team or for your home, so everyone’s likes are easy to remember.

coffee spec

The app is not limited to coffee alone, but it’s best for that. You can customize the type of coffee (coffee, iced coffee, Turkish, espresso), strength, milk amount, milk type, sugar amount, and sugar type. Add the person’s name, and you’re done. You can fill up an entire A4 paper sheet with eight people’s choices.

Coffee Spec would be ideal to put up in your office’s break room. But its customizations are limited to the choices it gives and no custom comments. You can even use this as inspiration to make your own infographic with PowerPoint How to Make an Infographic for Free with PowerPoint You can make infographics easily and quickly with PowerPoint. PowerPoint is an undercover infographic design tool that requires very little effort to produce beautiful, high quality graphics. Read More .

4. Caffeine Informer: All the Coffee Stats That Matter

How much coffee will you get in something you order at Starbucks or Costa Coffee? How do you calculate how much coffee you are actually having in pounds or grams? Caffeine Informer has the stats you need.

caffeine informer

The site’s best feature is the caffeine database, where you can calculate the caffeine amount in drinks. It can be something like a regular cup of Americano in any random cafe, or more specific data from coffee chains. Caffeine Informer has data from Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Tim Horton’s, Caribou, Dutch Bros., McCafe, Seattle’s Best, and Costa Coffee. There are enough others too, like the Cappuccino Blast at Baskin Robbins, so try your luck by searching.

Caffeine Informer also includes calculators to check how much caffeine you are having regularly, and if you’re overdosing on it. The latter is important, as you probably know. In fact, you might want to consider quitting caffeine and still boosting productivity How Quitting Caffeine Made Me More Productive Giving up coffee is something that, for a lot of people, is simply not done. If you overdo it, it could be the best health decision you ever make. Read More .

5. Seattle Coffee Gear’s YouTube Channel

Seattle Coffee Gear (SCG) is a retailer of coffee-related products, but their YouTube channel is what you’ll fall in love with. Gail Williams, the owner of SCG, stars in most of the videos herself.

SCG compares coffee machines, brewing techniques, and gives out recipes for top-notch coffees. Take this example of the difference between chemex and drip coffee to get an idea of what you can expect on this channel:

SCG ranks high in any coffee tutorial video you look for on YouTube, not to mention on Google. They do try to push products and their site, but that’s a given. If as you can ignore that, you’ll find plenty of great content here.

Can You Quit Coffee?

A little coffee is good, but an addiction to coffee isn’t. There are proven ways to boost your brain without caffeine How to Boost Your Brain Without Caffeine Coffee is a quick-fix for low productivity. But withdrawal symptoms and health risks harm productivity in the long run. These alternative solutions can boost your energy in a caffeine free way, Read More , so maybe coffee isn’t the solution you always need.

Do you think you can quit your coffee habit? Have you tried? Tell us your story!

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