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Saikat Basu 28-02-2012

small demons bookWith a name that sounds like a cross between a mobile game and rock group started by kids, the last thing you would associate Small Demons with is books. I certainly didn’t when I accidently fell into the site during my search for a different kind of book site.


Is Small Demons a different kind of book site? It gives us a different take on books we enjoy, and so it is definitely fresh. We all read books. Some of us devour them.

But more often than not we don’t go very deep into the people, places and things inside them. Small Demons goes behind the story, and picks up different threads and helps us discover where they lead.

Going between the pages

That was the guideline for Small Demons when it started up. But the one line Twitter bio better describes what we as book lovers stand to gain by using Small Demons – The people, places and things from books, and everywhere they can take you.

Small Demons is a California based startup that aims to help book lovers discover interesting things from all the other details that are given in a book. As a reader I definitely would like to discover more about the people, things, places that make up the story. Of course, I can easily Google for them individually, but Small Demons interconnects them seamlessly and makes the discovery process a breeze.

Creating a storyverse from a book

small demons book


Register and log-in. You can also sign-up with Twitter, Facebook, or simply your email ID. Small Demons is still building up its catalog of books. You can search for your favorite titles or click on one of the featured ones.

small demons website

Each book gets an entire page where you can check out at a glance:

  • People mentioned in the book.
  • Places mentioned in the book.
  • Music, movies, TV and radio shows, and other books.
  • Arts, documents, and other literature cited in the book.
  •  Events, clothing, and accessories.
  • Weapons, gadgets, and vehicles used in the book.

small demons website


Thus, the entire landscape of the book is broken down into its details. Each mention is back-referenced to the particular passage in the book as the screenshot shows you.

small demons website

Just this page serves as a jumping off point to discover more – like movies, history, music, and of course more books as they get referenced here. It’s not only books but you discover more about people, places and location, and things by drilling down into the sections on the site. Each mention is tracked back to its mention in fiction or non-fiction.

For instance, the following screenshot from the Places section of the site shows you the kind of information you can scour for:


small demons review

I want to discover where Las Vegas takes me and in which books it gets mentioned. Here’s what I got:

small demons book

Small Demons stands out as a mashup of books, movies, Wikipedia information, shopping sites, and more. As the site says, for every newly added book there are approximately 250 people, places and things referenced. So, there are lots of things you can potentially discover. Wannabe writers might find the site interesting too, as it gives them a tool to deconstruct a story and look at the single-pieces that makes the story possible.


Small Demons What’s Coming Next page also shows the way forward for the site with more content and better discovery options. Small Demons has the scope to develop into a distraction if you are a book lover. Do you agree? What do you like about this fresh site? Let us know.

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  1. Mridul Godha
    February 28, 2012 at 11:00 am

    That's a great website that you've brought to my notice. Thanks a lot for this post. All the best.

    • Saikat Basu
      March 2, 2012 at 7:10 am

      Its great that you liked it. Do send in a feedback after you have used it.