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Joshua Lockhart 25-04-2012

i found your cameraHave you ever lost your camera while on vacation? Has one of your friends? Have you ever found a camera that someone has obviously lost? If only there was a way to reunite lost cameras with their likely distraught owners…actually, there is.


IFoundYourCamera is a blog devoted to exactly these types of reunions for people all over the world. Users post photographs Create Unforgettable Versions Of Your Photos With These 5 Awesome Photo Editors [iPad] Read More of lost cameras they have found in the hope that owners (or friends of owners) recognize them. After contacting the finder, the camera is then shipped to the owner right away.

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IFoundYourCamera is set up with a WordPress How To AJAX-ify Your WordPress Comments By default, the WordPress commenting system is woefully inadequate. You could switch to a third party system like Livefyre or Disqus, but if you’d prefer to keep everything in house or some other kind of... Read More blog-style format, so not only will you find lost pictures, you’ll be able to read about the location where the camera was found, the type of camera in question, and details as to what else was on the SD card. Say that you lost your camera while on the beach where you took a photo of the sunset. Well, there are likely a few thousand other people who have taken the same exact photograph that you have taken, so it helps to know the information concerning where exactly the camera was found and under what conditions.

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However, besides looking for your lost camera, you can spend your time admiring these interesting photos from all over the world. Yes, it sounds a little creepy, considering the fact that people from all over the Internet are browsing these photos of people who they do not know – maybe even your own. But think of it this way – these photos are simply the re-telling of stories about people from all types of backgrounds. Furthermore, the purpose is to help these people so that they can be able to keep the memories from these stories.

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Requirements for a lost posting include that there should be at least four photos 4 Interesting Photography Projects That Rely On The Power Of Crowdsourcing A photography website can and does benefit from crowdsourcing. Today, everyone with a camera phone is a photographer. From street life to the wonders of the world, everything is a click away. This can, if... Read More from the card to be submitted. Beyond that, details concerning the time and location are to be added. If found suitable for publishing, the photos will be posted along with the information.

Furthermore, let’s say that you actually recognize someone in the photos. Well, do something about it! Simply email IFoundYourCamera, and make arrangements for the lost camera to be sent to the person.

i found your camera

With that being said, if you find an obviously lost camera Snapheal for Mac: The Superhero Image Healer [Giveaway] SnapHeal for Mac ($14.99) is here to save your photographs, and it does a fine job of it. This week, we'll be giving away 25 copies of Snapheal for Mac worth $375 in total. If... Read More yourself, it’s definitely worth a shot to post it on IFoundYourCamera. Doing something is better than doing nothing, right? Although the success rate to posting ratio isn’t exactly that high (4 pages worth of successes versus 85 pages worth of postings), the fact that anyone has even been reunited with their camera is amazing. However, in order to increase these success stories, it’s fairly important to spread the word.



IFoundYourCamera is an amazing example of how technology allows us to do things nowadays that would never have been possible years ago. The ability to post something online miles away from someone about their lost device and to even get in touch with them is incredible. Hopefully, IFoundYourCamera will cater to many more people over time.

Have you ever used IFoundYourCamera? Are there any similar sites?

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