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How To Lose Half A Day Playing Trivial Pursuit On YouTube

Angela Randall 21-09-2010

trivial pursuit online gameThe world of online gaming has recently been given a shiny new direction: YouTube interactive games. And after spending a little time with the latest and greatest YouTube game, I can see it’s going to be big.

You may have heard of YouTube’s interactive games before. Basically, they’re the product of a lot of short videos and hyperlinks in annotations. Up until now, most of the games have been low budget, indie creations doing the best they could with a “Choose Your Own Adventure” mentality. They’re great fun (and certainly addictive) but mostly far from seamless execution – until the Trivial Pursuit online YouTube game.

The Trivial Pursuit YouTube game has the sort of financing that the other game creators could only dream of. Along with some co-operation from YouTube (which I bet the indie creators would love to get a piece of), it has taken the clunkiness out of YouTube’s interactive games and turned it into something sleek and novel.

trivial pursuit online game

Obviously, the game is built on the same premise as previous games – with a new video playing for each choice you make. But due to the unchanging URL and lack of distracting related videos it looks like one seamless interactive game. The changing videos are merely background mechanics that you don’t need to bother yourself with. All you do is play. And play. And play (and suddenly realise you’ve lost a few hours!)

How To Lose Half A Day Playing Trivial Pursuit On YouTube Choose Category

Trivial Pursuit already had a lot going for it. As a household board game it’s well known for providing challenging questions in various categories for various ages and backgrounds. Answering trivia is an inherently addictive pastime (if you agree with this, you should also try Free Rice – let your addiction do some good).

online trivial pursuit

As an online game, Trivial Pursuit has also worked in a few social features which adds another dimension to their game and make it just that little bit more addictive. Add a twist of betting, some neat stats and some of the most viral YouTube videos and you have a sure-fire internet hit.

online trivial pursuit

Gameplay is such that users are impervious to how much time they’ve really spent playing. Rounds take about a minute and it’s very, very easy to say “well, just one more”. Months from now, pale half-starved people will re-emerge after finally recovering from their Trivial Pursuit addiction – Popcap Games would be proud.

online trivial pursuit

The game also looks great! The designers have made a clean, uncluttered interface and scattered some colourful, moving cheerleaders around to brighten things up.

When you start you’re asked to choose a language and to give your age. There’s no special kids questions, because users need to be over 18, and the language option seems to just translate the questions rather than making them more appropriate for that demographic (I tried in French and got asked about English literature and American geography).

trivial pursuit online game

This is really a big move in the world of games on YouTube and there’s a lot to get excited about. I am very much looking forward to more games like this.

How to play? Well, it’s dead simple. Click this link – and beware.

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  1. Tina
    September 21, 2010 at 11:34 pm

    Perfect timing. I've got some time to kill right now before I pick up a friend from the airport and this sounds very entertaining. I love Trivial Pursuit! Thank you!

    • Angela Alcorn
      September 22, 2010 at 7:36 am

      I hope you made it to the airport. :)