LooGix: Free Online GIF Animator
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Loogix is a free online gif animator which can help you create powerful GIF animations out of ordinary photos. The GIF image could be created using a single or multiple pictures. Sign up isn’t required and you can start directly by uploading pictures. Add effects like Radial Blur, Blur, Swirl, Motley, Guggle, Movie, Negative and many more to the image, hit generate animation and you are done. The animated image can be downloaded or shared directly on popular social networks.

free online gif animator


Check out LooGix @ www.loogix.com

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  1. wegif
    October 23, 2009 at 10:14 pm

    Want to do more with your digital camera? WEgif create, view and share animated pictures. Auto align images, animate pictures, photo with similar content with one click of a button.

    Gif Photo Animation