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For A Long, Fun-Filled Pastime, You Can’t Do Better Than Peggle [iOS & Android]

Yaara Lancet 24-08-2012

peggle-300You know how good multi-level games usually cost a lot of money? This is especially true for the iPad, but is usually the case no matter which device you own. Well, I’m here to tell you about an awesome, long, and engaging game that will only cost you $0.99, even for the iPad. And you know how most good games cost more for iOS than for Android? This one is $1.99 for Android, and is still a steal at that price (think $9.99 for Mac and $19.95 for Windows).


So what’s this magical game, you wonder? As you might have gathered from the title, I’m talking about Peggle. Some of you may already know it from its older PC/Mac versions, which I had the chance to play around 5 years ago. Having been thoroughly addicted to this game back then, I was skeptical about its ability to make an honorable comeback so many years later, and on a more limited device (i.e., my 1st generation iPad). Boy, was I wrong.

A 26h Train Ride Has Nothing On Peggle


I’m writing these very words while on a Internet-less train ride from Jasper, AB to Winnipeg, MB. Luckily, just before boarding the train I bought Peggle for a mere $0.99, and had I only wanted, it could have kept me busy for pretty much the whole ride. So right before you get addicted yourself, let me show you what Peggle is all about.

When you get right down to it, Peggle is an arcade game. The goal of the game is to get rid of every orange block in the level before you run out of balls. You can aim for each ball at your leisure, trying to create the best ricocheting effect which will hit as many orange elements as possible.  This is making a long story short.



Beyond the basic goal of the game lies a thick and amusing cover story, including 10 different masters, each in charge of his own 5-level stage, and each owning his very own super power. Two green tiles in every level will make you the owner of that stage’s special power, which can be anything from a Super Guide beam to a pinball-style crab claws.

The Game That Never Ends

As you may have already calculated from the previous paragraph, Peggle includes 50 levels in its adventure mode. In adventure mode, you get to meet the masters one after the other, and play all the levels in their chronological order. If you fail to eliminate the orange elements from the screen before running out of balls, you can always try the same level again. Your progress is automatically saved, so you can start again from the same level you left off.


But if this isn’t enough, you can also play any level you already unlocked in Quick Play mode. This mode lets you choose any level from any stage you’ve already played, and even choose which super power, from the ones you’ve already used, you want to use for this specific level. This means that even after completing Adventure mode, Quick Play mode can provide yet another endless round of fun.


Don’t Be Anti Social


Peggle is highly addictive, and may cause disputes if you’re travelling with a friend. But worry not! After completing the first stage in Adventure mode, you will unlock the coveted Duel mode. In this mode, you can pitch your Peggle powers against a friend, or against the “computer”, and play levels in turns. The winner is the one who finishes the level with more points to his name.

Points are awarded for orange tiles, bonus purple tiles, other special bonuses, and even for style!

More Peggle Goodies

One of the best and most original features on Peggle is the ability to replay and save your best shots. Let’s say you’ve just complete an amazing, not-to-be-forgotten move. Tap the camera icon on the top right of the level to watch your incredible performance again. Use the buttons on the right to play, stop or save the replay to watch later.



From the home screen, you can tap “Replays” to view all your saved moves, watch them, edit them or delete them. This way, no one will be able to miss it when you achieve something truly fantastic!

Peggle also comes with 5 free levels of Peggle Nights, which is the Peggle sequel you can buy (Windows/Mac) if you’re hungry for more. Peggle Nights is pretty much the same as Peggle, but at night, which is very exciting.

If you’re up for a real challenge, and have already completed Adventure mode, you can give Challenge mode a try. This mode offers advanced levels only to those strong enough to complete Adventure mode. Even I cannot claim to be among these brave souls.



Oh, and if you’re wondering about the plus and triangle signs on the green and purple tiles, these appear when you choose to enable colorblind mode through the options – another thoughtful feature that comes packed into the $0.99 Peggle package.

Bottom Line

Peggle offers truly addictive gameplay, which is a perfect combination of skill and luck. You have to aim right, you have to time your shots, and you have to strategize in order to hit exactly what you’re aiming at, but once you’ve let that ball loose, it’s as much about luck as anything else.

In my book, Peggle is one of the best games I’ve played on the iPad in quite a while, and the generous price makes it even more of a gem. Tell me in the comments how you enjoyed Peggle, and share experiences from Peggle on other platforms as well!

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