Log Master: Keep Track Of Changes To Website Files

Justin Pot 01-06-2013

Keep track of changes your team is making to your site. Log Master is a free Windows app allowing multiple users to log changes to files – perfect for anyone running a website. This isn’t an automated solution – users need to manually mark which files they’ve changed, created, removed, uploaded or moved. It’s simply a way for anyone managing a project to oversee the many changes happening locally – and know which files need to be uploaded to go live.


track changes to website

Getting started isn’t as overwhelming as it seems, simply add all users to the program (top-right). Once that’s done, create a log file for your project – or point Log Master to an existing one. Users who make changes to the log file should use the program to record their changes, letting everyone know what happened.

They only need to note the affected files to the bottom part of the program, then mark what happened (changed, created, removed, uploaded or moved). Hit “Write to log file” and the changes will be recorded:


The tool isn’t automated, but it does include features that make this easier. Users can click and drag files to the window in order to see the complete path, for example. Users can also filter the root directory, meaning instead of seeing (for example) “C:\Users\MUO\Secret Project\Images” they’ll see “~\images“.


This tool won’t magically solve all your workflow problems, but assuming everyone actually logs their changes it will be a step in the right direction. Worth checking out for any Windows-based outlet that regularly updates websites.


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