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Location Based Social Network FourSquare Gets Updated iPhone App [News]

Dave LeClair 17-10-2011

Location Based Social Network FourSquare Gets Updated iPhone App [News] foursquare1 300x300The major iPhone application updates keep pouring in; first it was Facebook, then Twitter and now FourSquare is jumping in the mix with a very cool update that adds some great new features.


The major change is their new feature called Radar. This takes advantage of iOS 5’s region monitoring service. Basically, it monitors for things nearby that you should take note of. For example, maybe a group of friends are hanging out at the store right near you. FourSquare will pop up a notification to let you know you might want to swing by and check it out. If you add an item to your to do list and happen to be near the location, FourSquare will remind you to go get it done.

Previously, you would have to check in to a location to see who is there. Radar changes that. It doesn’t do much good for an app to tell me my friends are at a location if I am already there, after all, I can see them with my eyes in the real world. Now, with Radar telling me my friends are there before I get there, I might end up in a place I did not intend to.

This also helps businesses who use FourSquare as a marketing tool because they can use radar to try to draw more customers to their FourSquare specials. We can only hope this part is done right, because I certainly do not want real world ads coming up on my phone as I drive around.

Location Based Social Network FourSquare Gets Updated iPhone App [News] fsq

Note: Some users have reported not seeing the update yet, be patient, it will show up soon.


Source: VentureBeat

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