LoadZen: Check Your Site’s Loading Time With Number Of Simultaneous Visitors

MOin 02-04-2012

Webmasters almost always use various web tools to judge the performance of their websites by checking out their loading speeds. But loading-speed testers normally do not check the effect of multiple users on the site’s loading time. If you want to see how your site’s loading time is affected by multiple visitors, you will find a tool called LoadZen to be very helpful.


check your site loading time

LoadZen is a web tool that helps you check the loading time of your website. The site is very easy to use. You start by typing in your email address and then typing in the domain that you want to test. The default test is run and you are shown a graph somewhat like the image above. But you can run additional tests on websites by specifying the site URL, number of visitors, total virtual visitors, accuracy, and ramp-up speeds.


Your test keeps on running and a graph plot shows the affect that multiple virtual users have on your site’s loading time. You can check back on the test to view this graph anytime.

LoadZen: Check Your Site’s Loading Time With Number Of Simultaneous Visitors load zen2


For free users of the site, the number of virtual visitors can be set to anything from 10 till 25. Additional virtual users will cost you money and you are displayed the cost before running every test.


    • A user-friendly web service.
    • Tests your site’s loading time.
    • Factors in effect of multiple users.
    • Shows graphs of users versus loading time.

Check out LoadZen @ [No Longer Available]

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