How To Live Like A Fortune 500 Leader

ROFL 17-09-2014

How’s your time management? Is it good enough to compare with a Fortune 500 business leader?

Over a period of two months, an email survey was carried out by the International Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness. It was sent to 267 C-level executives at Fortune 500 companies to determine their typical work day. Leaders from Google, Kellogg’s and Adobe responded, and this infograph collectively represents the way they spend their time.

Are you spending your time effectively enough to be a leader at work 5 Time Management Tips That Can Make You A Leader At Life & Work Whether you realize it or not, you are a leader. Even if that means being a leader of your own life. These tips will help you become an even better one. Read More ?

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How To Live Like A Fortune 500 Leader fortune 500 leader small

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