Listacular for iPhone: Create Lists, Reminders & To-Dos That Sync Via Dropbox

Users are absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to apps for taking notes and remembering things 3 Dead-simple Apps For Note Taking & List Making Read More . We now need reminder apps to keep a track of our reminder apps, and here’s another called Listacular. Rather than having you sign up to yet another service which requires an individual client for each device you intend to use it on, Listacular resorts to sharing via a method you probably already have installed – Dropbox.

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Using simple text markdown to create beautiful yet highly cross-compatible notes, Listacular includes Dropbox integration for syncing across devices. Make a note on your phone and it will appear in Dropbox, on your computer. You can then make changes to the note which will be reflected in Listacular. Because the app uses plain text, you’ll get a read-everywhere .TXT file in your Dropbox.


Dropbox integration might be a big feature here but it’s not mandatory, and Listacular can be used on its own as a simple note-taking and list-making app. The UI is fresh and reminiscent of Mailbox and Clear in its use of gestures. If you’ve been looking for a note-taking app that integrates into the solutions you already use, then Listacular will do the job amicably.

Users can organise notes into folders, set due dates or alerts and create collaborative lists for sharing with friends.

Note: The app allows users to create 3 lists for free, upgrade to unlimited via a $2.99 in-app purchase.


  • Create notes, lists and to-dos with formatting in plain text.
  • Sync with Dropbox, both ways!
  • No need to sync, can be used as a simple note-taking app.
  • Organise, export and collaborate on notes.

Check out Listacular @ the App Store

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