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Bakari Chavanu 07-01-2012

goal management softwareAfter I finished my recent article on goal setting websites How To Set & Accomplish Your New Year Resolutions For 2012 We all know that making New Year's resolutions is a useful way of getting things done and achieving particular goals; however, setting them is easier than actually doing them. Typically by March what we resolve... Read More , I took a closer look at and realized how useful its features could be for keeping track of things I want to accomplish this year. I joined the site back in 2005 but have never used it on a consistent basis, nor have I taken advantage of its features.


Though New Year’s resolutions and goals could easily be typed and printed out on a sheet of paper, offers more useful features than pen and paper, and it provides a simple method for managing your goals without having to invest in complex personal management software.

The following are some suggested tips for using in a more dedicated manner.

Creating A List Of Things

First off, there’s no requirement that you must come up with a list of 43 things in order to use 43Things. To keep from feeling overwhelmed, you might start off with a short list of to-do’s that you can complete in the next three or four months.

goal management software

Secondly, it’s a good idea to develop a mixture of goals consisting of personal, job-related, fun and relaxing activities. You should also include goals that you can accomplish in less than a day, and a few that you might work on each week throughout the year.


goal management software free

As you develop your list, keep in mind the S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relative, and Time-bound) goals strategy made popular by the management consultant Peter Drucker, to ensure that your goals are well-defined and achievable. For example, instead of writing, “Improve my finances,” be more Specific with the goal of paying off a credit card debt, or saving a specified amount of money.

Use the “Add entry” feature in 43Things to make a short to-do list for some of your more challenging goals. Include how you will Measure the progress of your goal (e.g. saving 20% of your monthly income); how the goal will be Attainable (do you have the resources that will help you do it?); is it Relevant to your own personal life or professional needs?; and Time- bound, with a beginning and ending point.

And since this is the beginning of a new year, you definitely want to add new resolutions to your list, as well check out the list of 43Thing’s worldwide most popular goals for more ideas.


goal management software free

Setting Reminders

The number one reason I didn’t use 43Things on a consistent basis in the past is because I never set up a way to go back and monitor and review my list on a regular basis. In 43Things you can click on a goal and set up a designated e-mail reminder.

goal management software free

43Things also includes a Personal Challenge feature designed for you to home in on one particular goal and achieve it by a certain date.


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Though 43Things is an online site, it is still a good idea to also print your list of goals and post them where they can be viewed on a regular basis.

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Getting Motivated

43Things also has built-in motivation features. For example, each time you visit the site take the time to “cheer” the goals and resolutions of other site members. In turn you will also receive cheers for your own to-do’s.

time management software

You should also use the “Add an entry” and “Ask for advice” features to write journal reflections or set up a plan of action for achieving a goal.

List It And Achieve It With 43things askadvice1

You should also click on the 43 Things Zeitgeist page and read the comments and questions by other members working on their goals and resolutions. I find that cheering and helping others with their goals motivates me to achieve my own.

List It And Achieve It With 43things 9

Celebrate Accomplishments

After you complete a goal, 43Things asks you if the goal was worth accomplishing, and how you achieved it. This is not only a good reflective tool, but your responses could very well help others who are seeking to accomplish your achievements.

In addition to keeping a list of things you have accomplished, your 43Things profile also includes a Year in Review page that charts your activity on the site. It’s useful to look back and see what you have accomplished.

goal management software

So will you be setting goals for the new year? Have you used before? Let us know about your experience.

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    I like the fact that 43 is prime. My most loved primes are five and eleven. Five, which is the first number I pronounced the whole day, when I just started to speak and eleven, because the eleventh commandment: you should enjoy. In Dutch, my mothers language, eleven is called 'elf' and an 'elf' is also a fairy figurine. A nice non-prime is eight, just between five and eleven. If you turn it ninety degrees, it's also the symbol for NoEnding...So there is NoEnding what to do...

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      Hmmm, interesting.