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11 Linux Accounts You Should Follow on Twitter

Moe Long 29-11-2016

Linux is an increasingly popular operating system. With such an abundance of Linux distributions to choose from, it’s only a matter of picking the right one Switching To Linux? Here's How To Choose The Right Distro Your first Linux distribution can sweeten or sour your future Linux experience. That's why it's important to get that debut choice right. Read More . The open-source UNIX-based operating system powers everything Linux Is Everywhere: 10 Things You Didn't Know Were Penguin-Powered If you think the world rests on Windows, think again. Linux plays a crucial role in keeping our world going. Read More from servers to consumer PCs and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Even gadgets like the NES Classic mini and certain airplanes use Linux as a foundation.


While Windows and macOS still dominate, Linux continues steady at just under 6 percent according to a W3 Schools report. If you’re looking to level up your Linux game, you’ll want to seek out the top experts. Check out these Linux experts, thought leaders, and projects to follow on Twitter!

1. Libby Clark @LibbyMClark

A digital content editor at the Linux Foundation, Libby Clark is a seasoned tech journalist. Clark shares Linux and open-source centric content with her 2000+ followers. From conversations on open-source and coopetition to Raspberry Pi and distro coverage Not Just Raspbian: 10 Linux Distros Your Pi Can Run You're presumably running the latest version of Raspbian on your Raspberry Pi. But is it the best Linux distro for the device? Could there be an alternative that you might find suits you better? Read More , Clark is a trove of knowledge.

2. David “Doc” Searls @dsearls

David “Doc” Searls is a tech expert and frequent writer and editor. Author of The Cluetrain Manifesto and The Intention Economy, Searls is a Senior Editor at Linux Journal. He runs the monthly column Linux for Suits, and SuitWatch. Additionally, Searls maintains a fantastic, insightful blog. From analysis of personal data to ad blocking, Searls offers in-depth, engaging discourse on the tech space as a whole.


Join Searls’ more than 23,000 followers on Twitter.

3. Vincent Batts @vbatts

A principal software engineer in the office of technology for container architecture at Red Hat, Vincent Batts specializes in Linux. Notably, Batts is a thought leader on Linux containers. Batts regularly shares Linux goodies including a walk through Linux from Scratch. You can hear him dropping knowledge at conferences such as Linux Con, and keep up with Batts on Twitter.

4. The Linux Foundation @linuxfoundation


What better way to stay up-to-date on the Linux ecosystem than by following the Linux Foundation? The nonprofit organization aims to educate and innovate with open-source, more specifically Linux. With many informative e-books, articles, and talks, the Linux Foundation is a must follow for anyone interested in Linux. From seasoned pros to beginners, there’s something for Linux lovers of all experience levels.

Join the whopping 200,000+ Twitter followers and check out the latest open-source awesomeness from the Linux Foundation.

5. Binni Shah @binitamshah

Binni Shah is a Linux evangelist, kernel developer, and self-proclaimed security enthusiast. Shah’s awesome Tweets include loads of practical information and tips. From hacking network protocols with Kali Linux 6 Ways Mr. Robot Is Putting Linux in the Public Eye Mr. Robot debuted in 2015 to critical acclaim. But did you know that there's quite a bit you can learn about Linux from watching Mr. Robot? Read More to rooting embedded Linux boxes, Shah is a thought leader with a bevy of community contributions. Shah’s 26,000 followers enjoy her regular updates and projects.

6. OMG! Ubuntu! @omgubuntu


While there’s certainly no shortage of Linux distros, Ubuntu is anecdotally speaking one of the most popular and accessible. OMG! Ubuntu! offers Ubuntu tips, tricks, news, and more. However, OMG! Ubuntu! is an overall solid resource for Linux users running any distro. Thoughtful analysis of Microsoft joining Linux Does Microsoft Really Love Linux After All? Microsoft and Linux have had a tumultuous relationship. Over the years, CEOs have expressed a desire to see Linux disappear, but these days the story is different. Does Microsoft really like Linux after all? Read More , gaming and Linux driver news, and installation titbits pepper the OMG! Ubuntu! Twitter feed.

7. Jay Redstone @Jay_Redstone

Sysadmins traditionally love Linux, and Jay Redstone is no exception. A sysadmin, IT consultant, and tech trainer has a passion for sharing Linux tutorials and technical expertise. His YouTube channel includes over 150 Linux distribution installation videos. Follow Redstone for lots of Linux walkthroughs and exploration, and become one of his 17,000+ Twitter followers.

8. Jen Wike Huger @JenWike

Jen Wike Huger is a content manager at Huger focuses on the open-source space at large, including sharing articles from the from Open Source on topics like Microsoft joining Linux. Further, Huger is actively seeking writers and contributions to


Become one of Huger’s more than 2000 Twitter follows for lively discussions on open-source, women in tech, and more!

9. Abhishek Parkash @Abhishek_PC

If you’re into Linux, you probably have It’s F.O.S.S. bookmarked — if not, you really should. Abhishek Prakash is the founder of It’s F.O.S.S., and a spirited Linux advocate. Prakash chats with his over 2000 followers about tech as a whole. From thoughts on Apple to the latest from Fedora, Prakash remains a go-to tech guru that fosters relevant discourse via Twitter.

10. Jessie Frazelle @jessfraz

Jessie Frazelle has a passion for open-source. Dabbling in the open-source space for work and for fun, Frazelle maintains a well-stocked set of Git repositories. Among these Git repos are, a game for container education, battery, a battery status checker for Linux, and cliaoke which is command line Become a Linux Command Line Master With These Tips and Tricks Whether you're brand new to Linux, or a seasoned Linux veteran, the command line offers a bevy of uses. Try these tips for mastering the command line. Read More karaoke. Plus, Frazelle runs an excellent blog where she touches on everything from the tech industry to scripting.

Join Frazelle’s more than 23k followers, and check out her Twitter for entertaining IT thoughts and a good bit of humor.

11. Greg Kroah-Hartman @gregkh

Greg Kroah-Hartman is a self-described Linux kernel driver monkey. The Linux Foundation fellow weighs in on Linux topics, engaging with his almost 7000 followers. Additionally, Kroah-Hartman often speaks at conferences and conventions. Check out his superb blog for thoughts on everything from LTS kernels to self-signed Linux kernels.

Who are your top picks for Linux influencers and gurus? Leave a comment and let us know which Linux experts to follow on Twitter!

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