LinkFester: Easily Get HTML Code To Post Lists Of Links On Your Blog

Umar 13-10-2012

Bloggers often post lists of interesting websites they collect that day on their website. Usually to make a link clickable, you have to make your pasted weblink a hyperlink. Pasting in the URL of each website and making them clickable individually can be very time consuming. Fortunately there is a tool that helps – LinkFester.



LinkFester is a free to use web tool that helps you get a chunk of HTML code that can be used to post lists of links on your website. First, you need to be using a service like Diigo or Instapaper – bookmarking websites that can generate RSS feeds of your URLs. Next, you bookmark the websites you want to post using Diigo or a similar web service and pass the generated RSS to LinkFester. HTML code is quickly generated.

The site also gives you the option of generated a markdown code instead of an HTML one, in case your blogging platform supports markdown.

LinkFester: Easily Get HTML Code To Post Lists Of Links On Your Blog Markdown


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Converts links to clickable ones.
  • Outputs HTML code from RSS feed of bookmarks.
  • Can output markdown code as well.

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